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The Dynamite Era and the Road to the NHL

The Dynamite Era and the Road to the NHL - The McNamara Brothers
L. Waxy Gregoire

Three brothers travel throughout the hockey world in the early 1900's. George, Harold and Howard McNamara leap from the IHL, Maritime Professional Hockey league, OPHL, NHA, NHL and other leagues before heading off to WW1.


From Triumph to Tragedy in the NHL: Profiling pro hockey players who died tragically

From Triumph to Tragedy in the NHL: Profiling pro hockey players who died tragically
Brad James Lombardo

From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL profiles the personal lives, pro careers and untimely deaths of six hockey players: Bill Masterton, Terry Sawchuk, Tim Horton, Pelle Lindbergh, John Kordic and Steve Chiasson. All six were in the midst of NHL careers when tragedy struck. Informative and insightful chapters detail the lives and deaths of each player. End notes and career statistics are also provided.

The book can be purchased from Amazon. There is also a dedicated web site.


Joining the Clubs - The Business of the National Hockey League to 1945

Joining the Clubs - The Business of the National Hockey League to 1945
J. Andrew Ross

"The most comprehensive history to date of the NHL's rise from just another league to the center of control over the development of hockey in Canada and much of the USA. The book is very important because of its depth and breadth." — Stephen Hardy, University of New Hampshire

J. Andrew Ross is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Guelph in Ontario. He has published numerous articles and chapters on the history of business, and has edited a collection of biographies of entrepreneurs.

The book can be purchased from the Syracuse University Press


The Last Hockey Game

The Last Hockey Game
Bruce McDougall

On May 2, 1967, Montreal and Toronto faced each other in a battle for hockey supremacy. This was only the fifth time the teams had ever played each other in the Stanley Cup finals. Toronto led the series 3-2.

But this wasn't simply a game. From the moment Foster Hewitt announced "Hello Canada and hockey fans in the United States," the game became a turning point in sports history. That night, the Leafs would win the Cup. The next season, the National Hockey League would expand to twelve teams. Players would form an association to begin collective bargaining. Hockey would become big business. The NHL of the "Original Six" would be a thing of the past.

It was The Last Hockey Game.

Placing us in the announcers' booth, in the seats of excited fans, and in the skates of the players, Bruce McDougall scores with a spectacular account of every facet of that final fateful match. As we meet players such as Gump Worsley, Tim Horton, Terry Sawchuk, and Eddie Shack, as well as coaches, owners, and fans, The Last Hockey Game becomes more than a story of a game. It also becomes an elegy, a lament for an age when, for all its many problems, the game was played for the love of it.

The book can be purchased at Chapters/Indigo here


Sid Abel's Hawks

Sid Abel's Hawks - The story of the 1952-53 and 1953-54 Chicago Black Hawks
Brian Dimler

During a stretch of twelve seasons in the 1940s and 1950s, the Chicago Blackhawks finished out of the playoffs (in 5th or 6th place in a six-team League) eleven times, never winning more than 24 games in any of those campaigns. The exception was 1952-53, when a team comprised largely of castoffs from other clubs made the playoffs on the final night of the regular season and then extended the eventual Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens to a seventh game before losing the semifinal series. The following season, 1953-54, was the worst in franchise history.

Holding the coaching reins those two seasons was the personable, well-regarded Sid Abel, who had stepped into his first head coaching position at the age of 34 after a long and prosperous playing career with the Detroit Red Wings.

This book is a chronicle of both the game-by-game journey through these two Jekyll-and-Hyde seasons, as well as the behind-the-scenes machinations of both the team and the League, which influenced the course of events.

Far from being a glossed-over summary, this extensively-researched book is richly enhanced with plenty of insightful quotes and anecdotes, as well as both contemporary and retrospective analysis.

Read about the heroic exploits of goaltender Al Rollins, who is the only goaltender from a last-place club ever to be awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy as the National Hockey League's most valuable player (as of 2014, Rollins is only one of three eligible Hart Trophy winners who is not enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame); the blossoming career of Hall of Fame defenseman Bill Gadsby; the financial and box-office calamaties which were rumored to be close to putting the franchise out of business; the contributions of players such as Jim McFadden, Gus Mortson, Bill Mosienko, Pete Conacher, Gerry Couture, Gus Bodnar and George Gee, among others, names from the "golden age" of the six-team League.

"Sid Abel's Hawks" is an in-depth look at two overlooked seasons of one of the National Hockey League's oldest franchises.

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Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time: The Lost History of Scottish Ice Hockey 1895-1940
William S. Marshall

Until now much of the early history of ice hockey in Scotland has been neglected or forgotten - metaphorically frozen in time, lying buried under the ice.

Here, for the fi rst time, is a comprehensive and social history of both the Club and International game in the country from the late 19th century up to 1940. It aims to restore Scottish ice hockey to its right and proper place, representing a pioneering nation in the early development and organisation of this great world-wide sport.

The bulk of the book is dedicated to the eleven seasons of competition in the Scottish League in the inter-war period, where a number of themes - including the transition from amateurism to semi-professionalism and the home-based player vs the imported player controversies - are fully explored. A defi nitive records section has also been included.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the debt owed to ice hockey missionaries from the Land of the Maple Leaf cannot be overstated. Ice hockey represents a unique link in the long and happy social relationship which has always existed between the people of Scotland and Canada, and to which this book can be viewed as a minor contribution.

Paperback £18.95 US$29.95 424 pages ISBN 978 1 84530 151 4

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Devil of a Hockey Team: The Story of the Utica Devils

Devil of a Hockey Team: The Story of the Utica Devils
Jim Mancuso

Devil of a Hockey Team: The Story of the Utica Devils, the newest book by Jim Mancuso, is about one of the greatest development teams in AHL history. Almost 70% of the players that wore a “UDevils” uniform had careers in the NHL. The club, which existed for a half dozen seasons (1987/88 to 1992/93), had six future Hall of Famers (HHOF, USHHOF, IIHFHOF), several AHL award winners and all-stars, Olympians that represented seven countries in 12 Winter Olympic Games and three Hobey Baker Memorial Award recipients. Tommy Albelin, Martin Brodeur, Pat Conacher, Jim Dowd, Bill Guerin, Jeff Madill, Rollie Melanson, Kevin Todd and Paul Ysebaert are just a few of the great players that were members of the Utica Devils. The 168-page hard cover “coffee table” book features season-by-season summaries, 70 full-page player profiles, game-by-game results, an extensive team record section, “Little Devil Facts” throughout the work, an overview of the history of pro hockey in Utica, N.Y., an exclusive interview with Frank DuRoss regarding how the American League came to Utica (both times: 1987, 2013), and over 150 rare photos/images including many taken from the Hockey Hall of Fame collection.


History of Hockey in Fredericton
Ernie Fitzsimmons

One of our 17 founding fathers, Ernie Fitzsimmons has authored three books on the History of Hockey in Fredericton. He has used his unique ability to recreate statistics from newspaper accounts of games for all, three books. At the start of each chapter Ernie notes the top International, National and local happenings that help put the hockey happenings in perspective. The local information has been described as a Mini-history of Fredericton.

Book 1 (1895-1945) covers the first practice, the first league and the building of the Arctic Rink (biggest rink in Eastern Canada). It describes hockey in the 1st World War years and the hockey boom of the 1920's, through the import years in the 1930's and finally to the burning of the Arctic Rink. The amazing 1907-08 season when Fredericton won the Maritime title that saw stick swinging, players arrested just before a game and fans rioting in the streets is covered in great detail. There are statistics and rosters of all teams down to minor hockey throughout the book, in which every chapter is about one season of hockey and it is full of team and individual photos. In the back are career records prepared like the NHL Guide with individual pictures. Some of the early Maritime Pro players like Billy Dunphy, Frank Morrison, Mike Murphy, Jim Music, George Stuart, Fred Wade and Jim Williams played in Fredericton earlier. Fred McLean, the first New Brunswick player to make the NHL, is in here, as is Roly McLenahan, Manny McIntyre and Knucker Irvine. Sam McManus and Aubrey Webster were paid imports prior to their Pro careers.

Book 2 (1946-1969) starts as the Second World War ends and takes in the building of the York Arena after eight years of outdoor hockey. Artificial ice came along in 1949 and import hockey was rampant in the early 50's. The local Caps won their 1st Maritime title since 1908, while University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University (Chatham) and Fredericton High School had powerful teams. Minor hockey teams started winning many titles and the Junior Red wings came along. There are plenty of star players featured in the career records at the back, including NHL Rookie-of- theYear Danny Grant, buster Harvey, Roly McLenahan, Willie O'Ree, to the wind down of the career of Pete Kelly and former New York Ranger Bill McDonagh. The book is full of photos again and also features many of the best Senior hockey players of the era. It also takes in the move of St. Thomas University from Chatham to Fredericton.

Book 3 (1970-81) was just released in October of 2013. although covering only 12 years it features nearly 5000 players as the number of rinks in the area ballooned from one to seven. It takes in the championship years of the 1970's when local teams one titles almost every season. It also follows the first female team since before the first World War and track both Danny Grant and buster Harvey as they finish up their Pro careers and come back to Coach championship squads. Professionally done, it has the usual array of photos that fill a Fitzsimmons book and the statistics that are mostly prepared by going through newspaper game reports. most of the star amateur players would never see numbers on their career records without this research. Other than Danny Grant, Buster Harvey and Greg Malone the other players combined only had a handfull of Pro games, but it was one of the top decades ever for local players. Brian McKenna became a longtime President of the ECHL and High School Star Matt Stairs went on to a well known Pro Baseball career. Paul Hodgson also played Minor hockey before turning to an injury plagued baseball career.

Ernie has the books available at $25 for Book 1 and $30 for Books 2 and 3. He also has a few copies of the history of hockey in Moncton, From Pond to Pro, from 1896-1996 at $30 each. Contact Ernie at: Ernie Fitzsimmons, 821 Hanson St., Fredericton, N.B., E3B 4A6, or at


Turning Out the Lights
 Concussions, Spectacle and the NHL
David Gowdey

This book tells the story of Dr. Ken Bocking, a surgeon who was the first person to draw the attention of the OHA to the problem of concussions in hockey after his son suffered two concussions in three years. Dr. Bocking approached the NHL but no rule change was made for another 13 years.

The book also examines the reasons for the epidemic, and looks back over hockey history to show that although concussions have always been part of hockey, a series of radical decisions that began in the early 1990's led to the current situation. Dr. Bocking won the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Award in 2011 for his contributions to hockey.



Heart of the Blackhawks
 The Pierre Pilote Story
L. Waxy Gregoire, David Dupuis

NHL legend Pierre Pilote brings readers rinkside in this compelling biography from the defensive great himself. The longtime Chicago Blackhawks captain of the 1960s tells his story in this no-holds-barred tale that mimics his famously rough-and-tumble playing style. From his upbringing in northern Quebec in which he played in a Monday night beer league, to captain of the Blackhawks, his captivating story of success has it all. Any sports fan will enjoy the stories of Pilote teaming up with the likes of Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Glenn Hall, Moose Vasko, Tommy Ivan, Rudy Pilous, and Billy Reay. This is truly an unforgettable story told by an unforgettable star.



The Legion Team

The Legion Team
 Forgotten Hockey in Waterloo 1927-1930
Tim Harwood

For more than half a century, generations of hockey fans in northeast Iowa have given their allegiance to the Waterloo Black Hawks.  Few realize that decades before the Black Hawks arrived, a long forgotten club captivated Waterloo during the late 1920’s, playing in front of crowds even larger than those who come to the rink today and beating teams from Chicago, the Twin Cities, and Canada.  Sponsored and administered by the Becker-Chapman American Legion Post, a contemporary newspaper report noted, “[Hockey’s] popularity eclipses any other winter sport…the game took such a foothold that the city would be lost without its regular hockey matches now.”

The Legion Team; Forgotten Hockey in Waterloo, 1927-1930, seeks to revive the memory of this overlooked era, detailing every game the Becker-Chapman squad played during four winters.  However, beyond just the wins, losses, and game details, the athletes who came to the Cedar Valley for the opportunity to play, their opponents, and Waterloo of that era, come to life.



Chaibou ! Histoire du hockey russe 2. de Tikhonov à la KHL

Chaibou ! Histoire du hockey russe 2. de Tikhonov à la KHL
 Mathieu Boivin-Chouinard

Dans ce deuxième volet de l’histoire du hockey russe De Tikhonov à la KHL, alors que les amateurs québécois et canadiens du hockey russe se sont habitués à voir évoluer des Russes au sein de la LNH, la KHL russe est de plus en plus agressive dans son recrutement afin de rapatrier les vedettes nationales et d’attirer des joueurs nord-américains. Collaboration ou compétition ?

Disponible sur le site des éditions Kéruss


Crossing The Line - The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original

Crossing The Line - The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original
 Kevin Shea

Derek Sanderson was a key player with the Big Bad Bruins in the 1970s. At one point the highest-paid athlete in the world, Sanderson played with and against the era's legends, winning two Stanley Cups and assisting on Bobby Orr's famous diving goal in 1970. Off the ice, "Turk" was one of a kind. He drove a burgundy Rolls-Royce, wore a fox coat and, when asked what winning the Stanley Cup meant to him said, "The difference in the money is whether I take a college chick to Cape Cod or a Playmate to France." But behind the glory, Sanderson was an alcoholic and an addict. He bottomed out, losing it all, and ended up sleeping under bridges. At one point he was so sick, he had to use crutches to walk.

Crossing the Line is about Sanderson's crazy days as a player but also about his road back to health. Sanderson has spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people about the dangers of his former lifestyle and now helps young athletes and others to avoid the pitfalls of instant fame. Sanderson does not hold back in this highly entertaining and truly inspirational book.

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H is for Hockey

H Is for Hockey: A Nhl Alumni Alphabet
 Kevin Shea

"Where was the first organized indoor hockey game played? When did the tradition of engraving winners’ names on the Stanley Cup start? Which six brothers collectively played in more than 5,000 NHL games? Answers to these questions and many more can be found in H is for Hockey: An NHL Alumni Alphabet. Formed in 1999, the National Hockey League Alumni Association is affectionately known as “Hockey’s Greatest Family” for good reason. Members of the NHL Alumni are considered hockey ambassadors, supporting the game and its history through many charitable causes and programs. Written by one of the game’s foremost historians, this book pays tribute to them and the sport they love. Adding a personal touch are the memorable quotes sprinkled throughout the text. When 17-year-old Sidney Crosby was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2005, he said, “This is amazing. It’s been a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifices. It’s unbelievable!”"

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A Season in Time: Super Mario, Killer, St. Patrick, the Great One, and the Unforgettable 1992-93 NHL Season

A Season in Time: Super Mario, Killer, St. Patrick, the Great One, and the Unforgettable 1992-93 NHL Season
 Todd Denault

Twenty years after the fact, the mere mention of the 1992-93 NHL season brings back vivid memories for hockey fans across North America. The last time that the Montreal Canadiens hoisted the Stanley Cup, Wayne Gretzky's last appearance in a playoff final, and Mario Lemieux's most inspirational season, these years are rightly considered some of the greatest in NHL history. Now, in A Season in Time: Super Mario, Killer, St. Patrick, the Great One, and the Unforgettable 1992-93 NHL Season, acclaimed hockey writer Todd Denault looks back to those heady days.

The story of a truly magical age for hockey in North America, a time that came to be known as "the last great season," where hope reigned, where the unthinkable seemed possible, and some of the greatest legends the game has ever seen took to the ice, A Season in Time is a true trip down memory lane. Covering the stories of Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, Patrick Roy, and Doug Gilmour, and capturing the frenzy and excitement that hasn't been seen since, the book is essential reading for hockey lovers of all ages.

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Dit Clapper and the Rise of the Boston Bruins

Dit Clapper and the Rise of the Boston Bruins
 Stewart Richardson and Richard LeBlanc

Dit Clapper and The Rise Of The Boston Bruins This book is an inspiring look at Aubrey "Dit" Clapper who was one of the greatest players to ever play in the National Hockey League. This compelling biography is a nostalgic walk down memory lane and is filled with photographs and valuable information on both Dit and the Boston Bruins.

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1972: The Summit Series, Canada vs. USSR - Stats, Lies & Videotape

1972: The Summit Series, Canada vs. USSR - Stats, Lies & Videotape: The Untold Story of Hockey's Series of the Century
 Richard J. Bendell

A bold, new look at the series that you thought you knew. For the first time ever, the full account of hockey's epic battle in 1972: Canada vs. USSR. The two official DVD set releases, Team of the Century in 2002 and then '72 Complete in 2007, allowed the author to uncover and reveal the most accurate account of the series ever as described by: Stats, Lies & Videotape.

The end result covers the before, during and after of the series including new revised and enhanced statistics. Thus, this book helps explain what actually transpired during those eight incredibly memorable games between Team Canada and the Soviet National hockey team in September 1972: The UNTOLD Story of Hockey’s Series of the Century. Learn more about the 1972 Summit Series than ever before.

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Le Hockey Vu du Divan

Le hockey vu du divan (Hockey seen from the couch)
 Simon Grondin

Primarily of interest for hockey fans because of the many references to some players, some teams and some historical events surrounding the NHL, general concepts in Psychology are used in this book for understanding some issues surrounding the hockey world. The book proposes to deepen the look on topics such as violence, superstition or personal development. The omnipresence of ice hockey in Canada and Québec places it at the heart of the formation of collective identity, be it Canadian or Québécoise. After reading this book, we understand why hockey is so exciting. In what appears to be a simple game, there are all the little miseries of real life and also all its splendor. If this book is ever published in English, the author might be tempted to call it "Couch's corner!"

Susceptible d’intéresser en premier lieu les amateurs de hockey en raison des nombreuses
références à certains joueurs, à certaines équipes et à certains événements historiques entourant la LNH, le livre permet de comprendre certains aspects entourant le monde du hockey à l’aide de notions générales de psychologie. L’ouvrage propose d’approfondir le regard que l’on peut poser sur des sujets comme la violence, la superstition ou le développement personnel. Au terme de la lecture de ce livre, on comprend mieux pourquoi le hockey est si passionnant. Sous ce qui semble n’être en apparence qu’un simple jeu se trouvent en réalité toutes les petites misères de la vraie vie et aussi toute sa splendeur.

Le lecteur intéressé par ce livre pourra trouver une description plus détaillée sur youtube
ou y avoir accès en se rendant sur le site des PUL ou sur


CAPTAIN JAMES T. SUTHERLAND, The Grand Old Man of Hockey and The Battle for the Original Hockey Hall of Fame

The Grand Old Man of Hockey and The Battle for the Original Hockey Hall of Fame
 Bill Fitsell

"Capt. James T. Sutherland conceived the idea of an international hockey hall of be erected in a place he believed as the real point of origin of hockey...Kingston"--Clarence S. Campbell, NHL President at Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction Dinner, Toronto, 1974.

Captain James T. Sutherland of Kingston fought for Canada in the First World War and brought his combative spirit to the task of establishing a hockey hall of fame in his hometown. He advocated for Kingston rather than Halifax or Montreal, believing that the limestone city was the site of the first organized game of hockey played between Queen's University and Royal Military College. Capt. Sutherland never lived to see this shrine erected, but his passion for the game's heritage and his dedicated service as hockey's ambassador to the world lives on.

The original International Hockey Hall Of Fame was founded by the NHL and CAHA in Kingston in 1943, almost 20 years before the Hall Of Fame in Toronto. The original hall will move into new quarters in downtown Kingston during 2012, to be presided over by the spirit of Capt. James Sutherland.

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A Life in Hockey - Marcel Pronovost

A Life in Hockey - Marcel Pronovost
 Bob Duff

Between his time with the Detroit Red Wings in the 1950s, the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1960s, and his days as a scout with the New Jersey Devils, Marcel Pronovost has earned eight Stanley Cup rings and enjoyed one of the longest NHL careers of all time.  Encounters with game greats and a 32-page photo spread punctuate this compelling life story.

Hockey Hall-of-Famer and 8-time Stanley Cup Champion Marcel Pronovost has spent more than a half-century in the National Hockey League, and in his career has worked or played with with a who’s-who of game legends: Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Jack Adams, Punch Imlach, Terry Sawchuk, Johnny Bower, and more. He has served the game as a player, coach, and talent scout. He presently works for the New Jersey Devils and resides in Windsor, Ontario.

The hardcover edition features photos of Pronovost with the Wings and the Leafs, while the paperback edition is available as a Maple Leafs cover or a Red Wings cover.

For ordering information, visit biblioasis.


La Coupe à Québec; Les Bulldogs et la naissance du hockey

La Coupe à Québec; Les Bulldogs et la naissance du hockey
 Marc Durand

À l’heure où le retour d’une équipe de la Ligue nationale de Hockey (LNH) à Québec est au cœur de l’actualité, l’histoire retourne aux sources du hockey avec la publication d’un ouvrage prestigieux et passionnant: La Coupe à Québec – Les Bulldogs et la naissance du hockey, publié par les Éditions Sylvain Harvey et la Commission de la capitale nationale du Québec, en partenariat avec la Ville de Québec.

Premier beau livre retraçant la naissance du hockey dans la Capitale, La Coupe à Québec est signé par Marc Durand, figure incontournable du journalisme sportif québécois. Fruit d’un travail de recherche et d’entrevues qui a duré plus de dix ans, La Coupe à Québec fait la part belle aux anecdotes et à plus de 150 photographies, illustrations et journaux d’époque.



Concussed! Sport-related Head Inuries: Prevention, Coping And Real Stories
 Kerry Goulet, Keith Primeau

Focusing on parents and coaches - how to knoe if your child has a consussion, what to do, who to see, when to keep your child from continuing to play; when to go back to playing. - Not just for hockey - could be a series of books dedicated to several sports. - May be a pullout especially for kids (not sure how we will handle this). - is a website dedicated to helping coaches and parents weave their wasy through the morass of information about concussions by Kerry Goulet ( sports advocate and himself, and ex-pro player in the European leauges) and Keith Primeau, (former NHL player for Philadephia who has been greatly affected by post-concussion symdrome).

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Straight Shooter - The Brad Park Story

Straight Shooter - The Brad Park Story
 Thom Sears

By the time he retired, Brad Park had surpassed the great Bobby Orr in career assists by a defenseman. Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible, and later named one of the Top 100 NHL players of all time by The Hockey News, Park will forever be remembered as one of the greatest men ever to take the ice. The first and only authorized biography of Park's life and career, Straight Shooter: The Brad Park Story, delves deeper into his legendary success than any book has before, bringing together exclusive, candid insights from Park himself, as well as interviews with dozens of players, family members, and key figures from the hockey world.

Covering Park's early years growing up in Toronto, to his first exposure to the NHL with the New York Rangers and his stellar performance with the Boston Bruins, through the twilight of his career and retirement, the book examines every aspect of his remarkable life in unprecedented detail. Giving hockey fans a full, frank look at the career of an NHL legend—including the challenges Park faced in his personal life, including caring for his physically handicapped son—Straight Shooter is a fascinating look at one of the game's true greats.

Hardcover, 320 pages

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CCM Story

Canada Cycle & Motor - The CCM Story
John McKenty

With its skates in winter & bikes in summer, Canada Cycle & Motor, better known as CCM, was as much a part of the Canadian psyche as the seasons themselves. The book, Canada Cycle & Motor: The CCM Story, traces the company's history from its formation in 1899 until its eventual demise in 1983. Along the way, the book details the company's close relationship with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, as well as NHL stars such as Joe Hall, Art Ross, Maurice Richard and Bobby Hull.

Based on extensive research and interviews with company employees, the book contains over 150 vintage photographs and advertisements; many of them never having been seen before. It's full index, comprehensive bibliography and thorough notes make it a valuable resource for the hockey historian.

Paperback, 350 pages

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Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957--1967

Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957--1967
 Kevin Shea, Paul Patskou, Roly Harris, Paul Bruno

Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957-1967 chronicles those wonderful seasons when the Toronto Maple Leafs skyrocketed from last place in the NHL to become the powerhouse team of the decade. During the 1950s and 60s the Leafs were always a contender and won the Stanley Cup in three consecutive years (1962-1964), along with an improbable Stanley Cup victory over their archrival, the Montreal Canadiens, in 1967 to close out the era of the original six NHL teams.

Of the many books written on the Leafs, this one is unique: Kevin Shea and his writing partners revisit all the important games and moments from each season with astonishing detail based on the broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada from that decade. There are authentic calls from the broadcast booth, Hot Stove Lounge conversations and detailed descriptions of game-changing goals and late-game heroics that have been obscured by the passage of time -- and the performance of the weaker teams that have followed.

Along with unearthed, never-before released interviews from dynasty players, such as Johnny Bower, Dave Keon and George Armstrong to name only a few, the authors reconstruct Toronto's dynasty years with professional accuracy, authenticity and care. This big book will be dear to the heart of every Maple Leaf fan -- a nostalgic journey through hockey history and thus into the history of modern Canada itself.

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Minor League Trivia

Minor League Hockey TRIVIA
Jim Mancuso

Minor League Hockey TRIVIA is the latest work from SIHR’s Minor League Hockey Committee Co-Chair Jim Mancuso. It is the only trivia book that is entirely about the minor pro game.

It is packed with over 400 questions on eight different subjects: nicknames, circuits, teams, players, administrators/general managers/bench bosses, championships, hardware (trophies) and hockey towns. Many fascinating and colorful facts and figures and little known or forgotten about tales regarding minor league hockey are revealed.

Questions like: What club was nicknamed after a beer company?; Name the four teams that were founding members of three different loops.; Name the only player to win the regular season goal-scoring crown in four different circuits.; What owner gave an automobile away at his club’s home games in order to attract fans?; Name the only organization to win playoff championships in four different leagues. What city was home to the most circuits?

The book is dedicated to Jim’s idol and Hockey Hall of Famer Ken McKenzie, who was co-founder of The Hockey News and served as its president and publisher from the newspaper’s inception in 1947 to 1981.

It will be available in bookstores but you could obtain copies in advance directly from the author. Please make check payable to Jim Mancuso and mail it to 1108 Jefferson Avenue, Utica, N.Y. 13501 ($25 per copy for U.S. orders and $30 per copy for Canadian orders).


Empire of Ice

Empire of Ice
The Rise and Fall of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association, 1911-1926
Craig H. Bowlsby
Vancouver did win the Stanley Cup

The PCHA rose and fell like the Roman Empire, but left its own mark on history. Now fans can re-live how the Patrick Brothers invented modern hockey, and brought the highest level of the game to the Pacific Coast, and to the world.

This legendary league has never, until now, been comprehensively recorded. Craig H. Bowlsby has unearthed much new information. He has debunked common misconceptions, and even solved many mysteries. Empire of Ice chronicles the rise of the PCHA to the pinnacle of its success, and then to its final, bizarre plummet. All the league’s exciting Stanley Cup struggles are described in detail, as well as the trials, experiments and scandals of the regular seasons. This brings to new light the techniques and exploits of the great hockey stars of both West and East.

Cyclone Taylor, Frank and Lester Patrick, Hugh Lehman, Moose Johnson, Frank Nighbor, Eddie Gerard, Nels Stewart, and many others, are spotlighted.

The PCHA also created the first American teams to fight for the Stanley Cup, and the stories of Seattle, Portland and Spokane are fascinating ones. As well, fans can read how the teams of both the NHL and the Prairies clashed with the Pacific Coast in search of the Stanley Cup. There is much new information about Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, and Edmonton.

A cornucopia of statistics is provided for those who relish in-depth comparisons. For all the drama, and for one of the freshest views of hockey history ever published—read on!

Trade paperback, 9 by 6 inches
432 pages, including 70 b&w illustrations
Cover Art by Aaron White
ISBN: 978-0-9691705-6-3
Contact: Knights of Winter Publishing at

Or for information call: 1-855-737-8880
To order through paypal: use the email:
Price: 25.00 U.S. or Canadian (plus $10.00 shipping in U.S. or Canada )

Publication date: August 30, 2012


Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup
120 Years of Hockey Supremacy
Eric Zweig

Stanley Cup: 120 Years of Hockey Supremacy is the definitive book on the history of the Stanley Cup and the championship teams that have won it.

In honor of the 120th anniversary of the first winner of the Stanley Cup, author Eric Zweig has collected the details of every cup winner from 1893 to present. Hockey fans can chart the course of hockey history and revisit the dynasties and Cinderella stories of each and every decade. Zweig presents each Stanley Cup winner in an illustrated two-page spread, detailing playoff brackets, club rosters and playoff statistics, as well as providing stories and sidebars outlining the incredible journey each team took to achieve hockey supremacy.

Presented between seasons are highlights of some of hockey's best and most controversial playoff moments, such as Brett Hull's "no goal" in the 1999 final or Bobby Baun's overtime winning goal for the 1964 Stanley Cup.

Also included in this expansive volume are personal stories of some of the NHL's best playoff games as recounted by Hockey Hall of Fame legends Bobby Orr, Dave Keon and Ken Dryden, to name a few. Complete with a foreword by Phil Pritchard, the Keeper of the Stanley Cup, and packed with information and over 200 photographs, Stanley Cup is a must have for any hockey fan.

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Black Hawks Chronicle

Black Hawks Chronicle
Five Decades of Teams, Games and Players
Tim Harwood

Hockey sprang to life in Waterloo, Iowa, when the Black Hawks and the United States Hockey League arrived in 1962. Immediate success on the ice allowed the franchise to put down deep roots. Paul Johnson, Jim Coyle, Bill Dobbyn, and a full cast led the Hawks to five consecutive championships in the 1960’s against rival teams featuring players like Herb Brooks, Bill Masterton, and Paul Coppo. The Hawks’ early accomplishments built a tradition which helped the sport through many leaner seasons in Waterloo. In more recent years, players like NHL All-Star Jason Blake, U.S. Olympian Joe Pavelski, and Stanley Cup winner Mark Eaton have developed their skills in northeast Iowa.

Black Hawks Chronicle recounts the accomplishments of nearly 50 seasons of hockey in the Cedar Valley. Big wins and tough losses are remembered here. Read about the senior players who brought the game with them and the juniors who thrilled Waterloo fans before going on to star in college and professional hockey. For fans who have followed the team from the beginning, relive the exciting moments. For those who have only recently discovered the Black Hawks, find out how hockey became the Cedar Valley’s proudest tradition.

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Access Denied

Access Denied
Forgotten and Future Heroes of Hockey's Hall of Fame
Kris Kullas

There are players who should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame - but have been omitted by error, lack of public outcry ot prejudice.
Why are so many deserving players not in the Hockey Hall of Fame ?
Kris Kullas identifies dozens of players who belong in the shrine.
An excellent tome ... and a splendid case for justice - Stan Fischler
An entertaining read - a good tour around the rink - Ron Wicks 
Hocke Fans will reach for this book over and over again - Len Gillis Sun Media 
If Bill Barilko and Dean Prentice are not in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and Bernie Federko is, then the Hockey Hall of Fame borders on irrelevance - Richard Buell sports author
Cost - $30.00 + $1.50 GST  + shiping ... Ontario $8.00 / Canada $10.00 / USA $10.00 / Others $15.00

The book is not sold in book stores - only from the author.

Kris Kullas
228 Rosemarie Cres.
Timmins, Ontario
P4P  1C1



The Hockey Research Anthology, Volume 1
Various Authors

The book is the first publicly available publication from SIHR and features selected articles taken from the annual Hockey Research Journal first published in 1993.

Pucklore authors celebrate the founder of the game, James Creighton, reveal the first 1,000 goal scorer, trace the evolution of the hockey net, recreate the trial of Allan Loney for murder on the ice, and present more fascinating stats and stories than you can shake a (hockey) stick at.

Paperback, 268 pages
Quarry Heritage Press

View the Pucklore page for more info.

The Great Expansion

The Great Expansion
The ultimate risk that changed the NHL forever
Alan Bass

It was March 1965 when Clarence Campbell, president of the National Hockey League, emerged from a long board meeting and announced that the NHL would double in size beginning with the 1967-68 season. Fans loyal to the "Original Six" were furious. Owners were irate. In The Great Expansion: The Ultimate Risk that Changed the NHL Forever, hockey expert Alan Bass profiles the power brokers and provides an in-depth study of the decision and its revolutionary impact on the game.

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Pride & Glory
The Forgotten Story of Great Britain's Greatest Olympic Team
Rob Jovanovic

More than seventy five years have passed, but still there is no British Olympic triumph to match it. You might think that you’ve heard all about Britain’s great Olympic heroes but this tale overshadows them all.

In 1936 Great Britain became not only the first team to defeat Canada in Olympic ice-hockey but they also became the European, World and Olympic champions too. The Brits were rank outsiders for a medal and even though the team was cobbled together at the last moment they sensationally rose to the occasion. In their seven games they managed to stay undefeated and cause an upset which reverberated around the world.

Rob Jovanovic has spent five years tracing the families of the GB team and constructing the players’ stories. His research has taken him from leafy southern England to 19th Century Glasgow, across the Atlantic to the great plains of Canada and back to the Nazi Germany of the 1930s before an unlikely ending in Nottingham.

This is the classic story of a group of men winning against all the odds. A group who didn’t want the fame or the riches that came with success, the winning was enough. This is the story of their Pride & Glory.

You can find out more about the book here and here

Shooting for the Moon

Shooting for the Moon - The Bill Beagan Story
Paul White

Shooting for the Moon details life in the Canadian Army Apprentice Program, including Beagan's exploits as a career soldier in places like the Middle East, Canada's National Capital and his time spent in the American heartland serving in the Canadian NORAD contingent in Wisconsin.

In the mid-1960s, Beagan's career took an unexpected turn in the road. He left the military to become a referee in the National Hockey League. This part of the book contains interesting correspondence between Bill and NHL president Clarence Campbell. As well, Beagan was a linesman in the hockey game that saw Bill Masterson of the Minnesota North Stars die in a tragic on-ice accident. Readers will see for the first time the NHL game sheet for that historic game as well as read about Bill's recollection of that event.

The book is available through or

Summit Series '72
Richard Brignall

It wasn't until Canadian teams started losing in international tournaments in the mid 1950s that an epic hockey rivalry between Canada and the Soviet Union began. Canadians believed hockey was
"their game." So Canadians were in for a rude awakening when they lost Game One of the 1972 Summit Series to the Soviets. The eight-game tournament quickly became a "war on ice" fuelled by
competing Cold War ideologies. Hockey fans will enjoy reading about: small-town teams that represented Canada in international tournaments before there was a Team Canada; Father David Bauer and the first National Hockey Team; the birth of Hockey Canada; Canada and the Cold War; Canadian style of play in hockey versus the Russian style of play; and Bobby Clarke's dirty slash on Kharlamov.

Visit Lorimer for more details.

East Coast NHLers
Paul White

Only in the 1960s did NHL teams start to look for hockey talent east of Quebec. Then the stream of talented players started, culminating with the record-breaking achievements of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia's Sidney Crosby. Here are the stories of a dozen NHL hockey players who learned the game in communities on Canada's East Coast. They came from all four provinces, and from towns large and small.

Visist Formac for more details.

Great Britain Ice Hockey

Great Britain Ice Hockey - A Tournament History
Michael Chambers

Great Britain Ice Hockey: A tournament history is a limited edition comprehensive guide to GB's involvement in major ice hockey tournaments.

With fascinating photographs, statistics and information, it is a must for any fan of the sport.

Written by Michael Chambers, it looks back over decades of history and brings the past to life with remarkable stories.

For ordering info, visit the the official website at

The Rangers, The Bruins, And the End of an Era

The Rangers, The Bruins, And the End of an Era
Jay Moran

This book is about the New York Rangers and their rivalry with the Boston Bruins during the Emile Francis/Harry Sinden years (1965/75). The author interviewed about 50 players, coaches and writers and the book has over 100 unpublished photographs.

The book is available from Authorhouse or and

ISBN-10: 1438989008
ISBN-13: 978-1438989006

Jeff Marcus - Behind the Bench

Behind the Bench
A Biographical Directory of Professional Hockey Coaches since 1904
Jeff Marcus

Although hockey's origins are still very much subject to debate, nearly every hockey historian agrees that the first professional hockey league was basically in the United States. The league (the International Hockey League), was organized in 1904 by Dr. J. L. (Doc) Gibson and had five teams, four in the United States and one in Canada on the border. Author Jeff Marcus documents the coaches in this and every major professional
league to follow, but not just with dry statistics. He covers the lives of these coaches, their families, their college and junior hockey careers, professional playing careers, other family members in the sport, in a full biography of the well known and the unknown.

ISBN 9781878282590 ? Paper ? $37.50
ISBN 9781878282606 ? Hardcover ? $47.50

Available from, local bookstores or directly from the publisher: St. Johann Press, P.O. Box 241, Haworth, NJ 07641. Add $5 ($6 Canada) shipping if ordering from the publisher. Credit card orders accepted at 201-387-1529.

100 Ranger Greats
Russ Cohen
John HalliganAdam Raider

Russ Cohen, John Halligan and SIHR member Adam Raider scoured the Rangers’ all-time roster to bring you the 100 men who each left an indelible mark on the game as a member of New York’s “Original Six” hockey club. From “Bad Bill” Cook and Lorne (Gump) Worsley to Mark Messier and Henrik Lundqvist, the players who have best exemplified the club motto “pride, passion and tradition” are profiled and ranked in this very special publication created just for Rangers fans, perhaps the most fiercely loyal (and opinionated) fans in all of sports.
Lavishly illustrated and full of colorful anecdotes and compelling facts, 100 Ranger Greats will provoke, entertain, and enlighten Rangers fans of all ages. This could be the most complete history of the Broadway Blueshirts ever written.
100 Ranger Greats is available on, or wherever books are sold.


Hockey Gods at the Summit
Frank Cosentino

Frank Cosentino, a retired Canadian professional football player, educator and coach, has written an imaginative fiction story based on the iconic 1972 Canada-Soviet hockey series that today remains a source of national pride and is regarded by many as a landmark event in Canadian cultural history. Indeed, Paul Henderson's summit-winning goal is known as "the goal that everyone remembers" and has become the most well-known goal in the history of the game.

To order, please contact Frank directly.

Frank Cosentino 
Box 316,
Eganville, On.
K0J 1T0

Bert Corbeau

Bert Corbeau
Waxy Gregoire

This is a biography of Bert Corbeau. The book covers how he was a member of the Montreal Canadiens first Stanley Cup team through to his retirement as a player then onto refereeing, coaching and finally his tragic death with the sinking of his boat the Wawinet.

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Trolley League

Trolley League
The Complete History of the Ontario Professional Hockey League 1908-1911
Kevin Slater

This self-published book can be bought for $20 plus shipping through the following link

or get the electronic PDF version for $5 by contacting Kevin directly.

394 Pages
Contact Kevin at to purchase

Hockey's Historic Highlights

Hockey's Historic Highlights
Glen Goodhand

Lindsay resident Glen Goodhand has penned Hockey's Historic Highlights - the same name of his longtime column once featured in The Lindsay Post.

When he became a charter member for the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR), he started working on compiling some of his longer columns into what has now become Hockey's Historic Highlights.

Copies of Goodhand's book are available from St. Johann Press, 315 Shraalenburg Rd., Harworth, N.J., 07641 for the introductory price of $25 US including shipping.

Super League

The Super League
The Life, Death and Legacy of Western Canada's First Great Junior Hockey League
Jim Vantour

Jim Vantour has authored his second book on hockey on the prairies. In The Super League, Jim tells the story of the seven-team Western Junior Hockey League. It spanned Alberta and Saskatchewan and featured the perennially powerful Regina Pats and the talent-laden '53-54 Edmonton Oil Kings.

Western Canada's first great junior hockey league produced the likes of Johnny Bucyk, Norm Ullman, Eddie Litzenberger, Guyle Fielder and countless others who went on to successful senior and pro careers. Jim relates the circumstances surrounding the birth of the league in 1948 and its valiant attempts over eight years to wrest the Memorial Cup from its eastern foes, and examines the many factors that led to its demise in 1956. It is the story of the dedicated hockey men behind the scenes, the outstanding young players, the great moments, the challenges, the successes - and the failures.

The book is available through Jim for $27.95 plus shipping. Contact Jim at or by mail:
Jim Vantour, 1684 Grey Nuns Dr., Ottawa, ON, K1C 1B5.

Canuck Captains

Hockey Play-By-Play; Canuck Captains
Jason Farris

Hockey Play-by-Play - Canuck Captains with Jim Robson is a 32-page program-style book that features memorabilia and recollections from Hockey Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Robson and the current "voice of the Canucks", John Shorthouse.

In commemoration of the Canucks’ 40-year anniversary, this publication chronicles and celebrates the ten captains who have led the Canucks, from Orland Kurtenbach to Roberto Luongo. The book is a supplement to the 2005 best-seller Hockey Play-by-Play : Around the NHL with Jim Robson and lets hockey fans re-live another ten great games armed with Jim and John’s hand-written game notes and hockey memorabilia. Enjoy the action from such memorable games as:

1970 Orland Kurtenbach: Béliveau’s Canadiens begin their dominance of Vancouver
1976 André Boudrias: Choice as second star is a silver lining for WHA-bound fan favourite
1976 Chris Oddleifson: Captain assists win over Kings for coach Kurt’s debut
1978 Don Lever: Slap shot ends a team-record 437-game iron-man streak
1980 Kevin McCarthy: Season-opening comeback begins an all-star year
1982 Stan Smyl: New captain scores eight seconds into the run to the final
1994 Trevor Linden: Game’s first star scores OT winner to force game 7 in Calgary
1999 Mark Messier: Birthday boy scores #610 to tie Bobby Hull for seventh all-time
2002 Markus Naslund: Hat trick puts a Canuck atop the NHL scoring lead
2009 Roberto Luongo: 47-save performance earns OT win and a series sweep of Blues

The book is priced at C$16.95 / U$15.95 and is available for purchase at

Red, White and Blue on Ice

Red, White and Blue on Ice
Roger Godin

Minnesota, the State of Hockey, leads the nation in its devotion to Canada's
national game. Over 6400 players have played in the National Hockey League
(NHL) since its inception with the 1917-1918 season. Minnesota outpaces
Massachusetts and Michigan as the top producer of American talent of the NHL.
while much of that player development has taken place since the mid-1970s,
the origins of this American Hockey dominance can be traced to the 1890s.
Minnesota was producing elite teams and players in the years before WWII.

Hockey historian Roger Godin tells this early story by taking readers through the
seasons of five championship teams and one runner-up in both the minor league
American Hockey Association (AHA) and the Central Hockey League (CHL).
These teams were almost exclusively Minnesotan /American in the CHL and
had a significant domestic content in the case of the AHA. Beyond the teams,
Godin tells the stories of six elite Minnesota players, five of whom played in the
NHL and who came out of this same time frame, 1926-42: Elwyn "Doc" Romnes,
Mike Karakas, Carl "Cully" Dahlstrom, Hubert "Hub" Nelson, Frank Brimsek and
John Mariucci. It is a story largely untold and fills a major void in the history of the
great ice sport in the United States.

ISBN 9781878282620 - $27.50 - paper, 346 pages, illustrated

Available from, Borders, and other bookstores or directly from St. Johann

Press, P.O. Box 241, Haworth, NJ 07641. (Add $5 shipping when ordering from the
publisher.) Credit card orders accepted at 201-387-1529

AHL 75th Anniversary

American Hockey League LEGENDS
Jim Mancuso

A book to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the American Hockey League (AHL), called "American Hockey League LEGENDS,” by Jim Mancuso will be available in early November.

The work showcases 200 of the greatest figures in AHL history - the top 150 players, the top 25 head coaches and administrators and the top 25 graduates (those players who moved up to the NHL after having skated in the AHL). Each AHL superstar has a page dedicated to them that highlights their AHL career, including stats, highlights and a vintage photograph in their AHL garb.

The book is a classic hard cover coffee table publication (11” x 8 ½”) with over 200 glossy pages and more than 200 photographs. Ernie Fitzsimmons highly contributed to the work as photo editor.The book will be available in November and is $35 US/Canadian funds (includes shipping). Make check payable to Jim Mancuso and mail your order to:1108 Jefferson Avenue, Utica, N.Y. 13501 USA.

The Road to Hockey Town

The Road to Hockey Town
Jimmy Devellano's Forty Years in the NHL
Jimmy Devellano and Roger Lajoie

This SIHR member and Hockey Hall of Fame member is known simply as Jimmy D. 

He never played or coached, but Jim Devellano has lived his life in hockey and is one of the most respected executives in the game. He is the owner of 14 championship rings, seven of which are for Stanley Cup wins—three with the New York Islanders and four with the Detroit Red Wings—and he has been instrumental in building the teams that won them. 

This candid, personal account of Jim Devellano’s life and his more than 40 incredible years in the game of hockey gives an insider’s insight into the business and personalities of the game and a behind-the-scenes look at what the players and coaches are really like; how they are assessed, hired, and fired; how decisions are made on draft day; and how deals and trades really get done. 

The book is available at Chapters, Amazon and from the Red Wings at 1-800-WINGS-25.

The Greatest Game

The Greatest Game
The Montreal Canadiens, the Red Army, and the Night That Saved Hockey
Todd Denault

This game wasn't about money, points, or trophies. Instead it was played for pride, both personal and national. It was a confrontation twenty years in the making and it marked a turning point in the history of hockey.

On December 31, 1975, the Montreal Canadiens, the most successful franchise in the NHL, hosted the touring Central Red Army, the dominant team in the Soviet Union. For three hours millions of people in both Canada and the Soviet Union were glued to their television sets. What transpired that evening was a game that surpassed all the hype and was subsequently referred to as "the greatest game ever played." Held at the height of the Cold War, this remarkable contest transcended sports and took on serious cultural, sociological, and political overtones. And while the final result was a 3-3 tie, no one who saw the game was left disappointed. This exhibition of skill was hockey at its finest, and it set the bar for what was to follow as the sport began its global expansion.

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Twenty Greatest Hockey Goals

Twenty Greatest Hockey Goals
Eric Zweig

Every hockey fan remembers certain goals scored that stand out from all others. But if one had to name just 20 as the greatest ever accomplished, what would they be? There's Paul Henderson's third game-winning goal in 1972, the one that clinched the Summit Series for Canada against the Soviet Union. Also Mike Eruzione's upset "Miracle on Ice" winner for the United States against the Soviets at Lake Placid in 1980. And don't forget the famous Stanley Cup winners by the Toronto Maple Leafs' Bill Barilko in 1951 and the Boston Bruins' Bobby Orr in 1970. From the goal by the Montreal Victorias against the Winnipeg Victorias in the 1896 Stanley Cup rematch that truly made hockey's most famous hardware a national event, to Wayne Gretzky's 77th goal in 1982 that beat Phil Esposito's single-season record for goals, to Sidney Crosby's "golden goal" in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Zweig serves up a slice of exceptional hockey moments that's sure to provoke heated discussion.

Published by Dundurn Press
224 pages
October 2010
$24.99 CDN 
Fluers and the Thunder

The Flyers and the Thunder
John Hewitt

The Flyers and the Thunder  traces the history of Junior A and OHL hockey in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from 1960, when Hap Emms brought the Barrie Flyers to the Honeymoon Capital, to 1996.
Twenty-six teams played in the Niagara Falls Memorial Arena, which is soon to be replaced by the new four pad Gale Centre.

Included in the book are more than 500 photos and artifacts, along with the bios of the 106 junior players who made it to the NHL. Two of those juniors, Bernie Parent and Mike Gartner, were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Flyers and the Thunder is slated to be released in June of 2010.
Hockey Night in UticaE

Hockey Night in Utica
Featuring the Comets, the Mohawks and the Stars
Jim Mancuso

HOCKEY NIGHT IN UTICA Featuring the Comets, the Mohawks and the Stars by Jim Mancuso is a history about professional hockey in Utica New York, during the North American Hockey League (NAHL), North Eastern Hockey League/Eastern Hockey League (NEHL/EHL) and Atlantic Coast Hockey League (ACHL) years from the 1973-74 to the 1986-87 season. The book is the leading source of information about the NAHL, NEHL/EHL and ACHL and has a chapter dedicated to information and statistics on each loop.

There are also chapters detailing the history of professional hockey in Utica prior to and after this era (1960-61 to 2000-01), on the unique and colorful story of each team, on the movie “Slap Shot” (which was partially filmed in Utica) and on World Hockey Association (WHA) veteran Bill Horton. The Lindsay, Ontario native and first cousin of Hockey Hall of Famer Tim Horton was a member of the Mohawk Valley Comets (NAHL), Utica Mohawks (NEHL/EHL) and the Mohawk Valley Stars/Comets (ACHL) in several capacities and piloted the Stars to the 1981-82 ACHL Payne Trophy championship. The book is dedicated to Bill Horton who tragically lost his life while awaiting a heart transplant in May of 1989.

All proceeds from the book will be donated to the American Heart Association. This wonderful 272-page hard cover coffee-table limited edition book with over 350 rare illustrations is available for $35 (U.S. or Canadian funds).

Please make your check or money order payable to Jim Mancuso and mail it to 1108 Jefferson Avenue, Utica, N.Y. 13501.

The Sterling Seven

The Sterling Seven - Hockey's First Team Ever
Chris Mizzoni

"The Sterling Seven" is the second children's book written and illustrated by North Vancouver, BC's Chris Mizzoni.

His first book, "Clancy with the Puck" cracked the top five on the Canadian Children's Book Best Seller List joining Robert Munsch and Melanie Watt at the top of the chart throughout the winter of 2007 and spring of 2008. "Clancy" reached number two on the British Columbia Best Seller List and was also short listed for several awards including the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award for illustration and The Blue Spruce Award from the Ontario Library Association.

Visit for ordering information.

The Greatest Canadian Hockey Games of All-Time
Andrew Tidman

A compilation of game summary statistics for every deciding game or games in which a team representing Canada, or based in a Canadian city, won either: the Stanley Cup (after 1918); the AVCO World Trophy; the Olympic Gold Medal (Men and Women); the World Championship Gold Medal (Men and Women); or the World Under-20 Championship Gold Medal.

The collection contains the game summary for each game, as well as the players, for both teams, that contested the game.


This collection is intended solely for the serious Canadian hockey statistics aficionado!
There are no photographs!
Hopefully, a subsequent edition will be produced and will include team pictures as well as game-action material.

The Trail Less Travelled

The Trail Less Travelled
Don Reddick

A chronicle of the Dawson City-Ottawa Stanley Cup reenactment performed a few years back. 1000 copies have been made available before the spring, 2010 release, for sale from Nauset Sound Publishing.

Orders, at $20 in US, and $25 Canada (shipping included) can be mailed in with check or money order to Nauset Sound, PO Box 101, Stockbridge Vt 05772, or ordered online with an email to Nauset Sound, and you will be billed via email return

Jacques Plante;The Man Who Changed the Face of Hockey

Jacques Plante;The Man Who Changed the Face of Hockey
Todd Denault

The first full-scale biography of a legendary and award-winning NHL goalie who transformed the game.

“There are a lot of very good goalies, there are even a fair number of great goalies. But there aren’t many important goalies. And Jacques Plante was an important goalie.” Ken Dryden

On and off the ice Jacques Plante was a true original; he was extremely talented, boastful, defiant, mysterious, and complex. Throughout his tumultuous career as a goalie, he played for Montreal, New York, St. Louis, Toronto, Boston, and Edmonton. His contributions to and impact on the game were extensive and are reflected in today’s rules, equipment, and style of play. Thoroughly investigated through archival and primary research, and including interviews with figures such as Jean Béliveau, Henri Richard, Dickie Moore, and Scotty Bowman, this biography sheds light on one of the most pivotal figures in the history of hockey.

A member of the Society for International Hockey Research, Todd Denault is a freelance writer who has had his work featured in numerous online and print publications. A graduate of Carleton University and Lakehead University, Todd resides in Cobourg, Ontario. This is his first book.

Order online here

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast; Hockey in Canada to WWII
John Chi-Kit Wong

As an institution that helps bind Canadians to an imagined community, hockey has long been associated with an essential Canadian identity. However, this reductionism ignores the ways Canadians consume hockey differently based on their socio-economic background, gender, ethnicity, and location. Moreover, Canadian culture is not static, and hockey's place in it has evolved and changed.

In Coast to Coast, a wide range of contributors examine the historical development of hockey across Canada, in both rural and urban settings, to ask how ideas about hockey have changed. Conceptually broad, the essays explore identity formation by investigating what hockey meant to Canadians from the nineteenth century to the Second World War, as well as the role of government, entrepreneurs, and voluntary associations in supporting and promoting the game. Coast to Coast is an intriguing look at the development of a national sport, a must-read for hockey fans and historians alike.

John Chi-Kit Wong is an assistant professor in the College of Education at Washington State University.

Order online here

On THis Day in Hockey

On This Day in Hockey
Eric Zweig

Hockey facts for every day of the year! For readers who want to know what happened on their birthday, or their friends' birthdays, or their friends' friends' birthdays, this book delivers the goods! With historical photos throughout, this book provides hockey fans and trivia buffs with a selection of the cool things that happened in hockey history on any day of the year. Each spread features the days of the year with memorable hockey facts on players, arenas, and historic moments, while an expanded story on one of the more intricate facts graces the facing page. This book is a truly unique way to read about Canada's favourite sport!
Published by Scholastic
136 Pages
October 2009
$7.99 paperbac


Fever Season

Fever Season
A novel by Eric Zweig

It is early 1919 in Montreal and a deadly outbreak of Spanish Influenza has killed thousands in Canada. David Saifert, a young English Canadian, is alone: his father died fighting in the First World War and his mother and sister were recent victims of the flu epidemic. But he does have a childhood photo of his mother’s long-lost brother, who he thinks lives in Seattle. David is certain his Uncle Danny can save him from the orphanage he ends up in, but he has no idea how to locate the man.
Then luck strikes when David gets a job with the Montreal Canadiens, who earn the right to play the Seattle Metropolitans in the Stanley Cup playoff, allowing David to travel across the country with the hockey club.
What fate awaits the mighty Canadiens on the West Coast? Will David find his uncle? Will he survive the deadly flu?

Published by Dundurn Press
232 pages
September 2009
$12.99 CDN $10.99 U.S. £7.9
Tough Guys

Tough Guys
Hockey Rivals in Times of War and Disaster
Author: Eric Zweig

“Bad” Joe Hall and Newsy Lalonde were bitter enemies on the ice. Crowds were drawn as these two roughneck hockey players battled it out for victory. But the game changed during WWI, when many of Canada’s hockey players left the game to become soldiers and fight for their country. Rivals Joe and Newsy were then forced to play side by side as teammates. And in 1919, just when the fighting overseas ended and things were looking up for hockey, the Spanish Influenza quickly spread across North America. The Stanley Cup was put in jeopardy. This is the story of two guys who learned to work together and deal with unexpected challenges of all kinds.

Published by Lorimer. Distributed by Formac

112 Pages
September 2009
$16.95 hard cover $9.95 paperback

Indy Racers Hockey

Red, White & Blues
A personal history of INDIANAPOLIS RACERS HOCKEY 1974-1979
Author: Timothy Gassen

When major league hockey came to Indianapolis in 1974, no one knew the sport’s two greatest players would wear the Racers’ red, white & blue.  But the Racers story is so much more than just a launch pad for Wayne Gretzky & Mark Messier — it is a time when the city’s love affair with hockey grew to dizzying heights, then crashed in heartbreaking defeat.  Journalist Timothy Gassen was there and details the only firsthand account of the golden era for pro hockey in Indiana: The Indianapolis Racers.

“Red, White & Blues” is a breakthrough book for fans of sports in Indianapolis, the rebel World Hockey Association, and the game’s greatest player, Wayne Gretzky.  The entry of “The Great One” into pro hockey is detailed for the first time ever, and the curious debut of Mark Messier in a Racers jersey is also explored.

The accompanying two-DVD set GRETZKY, INDY & THE W.H.A. debuts newly discovered 1978 Gretzky-Racers video and audio, a new team documentary, rare game footage and new interviews with the players and coaches who made Indianapolis and the upstart World Hockey Association revolutionary in sports history.

Visit for ordering information.

Forged On Ice

Forged On Ice
Freemasons Within the Hershey Bears and the Hockey Hall of Fame
Author: Robert A. Goodman

In this work, Bob Goodman brings together two of the most prestigious organizations in North America.

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. Its charitable donations are legendary, estimated at $2 million a day. The Hershey Bears are the most respected minor league team in hockey. Winners of nine Calder Cups, the Bears have built a tradition of excellence over seven decades of competition.

Through Bob’s comprehensive research, we are offered a glimpse of Freemasonry and a history of the Bears as he shares the lives of these great Masons who were Hershey Bears or honored members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

100% of the proceeds from the book will go to charity.

To order:   under the category books, simply type the book title  "Forged On Ice".

Win Tie or Wrangle

Win, Tie, Or Wrangle
The Inside Story of the Old Ottawa Senators
Author: Paul Kitchen
Preface by Brian McFarlane
Foreword by Eugene Melnyk

"Paul Kitchen takes us back to an era that has always piqued the curiosity of hockey fans: an era when competing teams changed ends after every goal; when an early-day outdoor rink on the river might stretch for 400 feet; when dressing rooms were heated by coal-burning, pot-belly stoves, the coal supplied by the players themselves; when a player's spring skate might fly off his foot in the middle of a rush, sending him cart-wheeling to the ice; when he might be forced to stickhandle around an ice statue located in the middle of the rink...." — Brian Mcfarlane, from the preface

Entertaining and informative, Win, Tie, or Wrangle is the one and only definitive history of the original Ottawa Senators. Drawing on previously unexposed diaries, memoirs, hockey-club business records, and government files, Paul Kitchen tells the story of the capital's first hockey team from its birth in 1883 to its demise as the St. Louis Eagles in 1935.

The result is a richly detailed social history that fleshes out the players, the owners, and the fans of a team that captivated the public's attention and helped establish hockey as Canada's signal winter passion.

From boardroom wrangling to the Senators' on-ice exploits, from the challenges of the Great War and the Depression to the birth of professionalism and National Hockey League expansion, Kitchen sets the record straight in a volume that will appeal to history and hockey lovers alike.

ISBN: 978-1-897323-46-5, $45.00 [ ORDER ]

Nelson Hockey History

A Timeline of Nelson's Hockey History
Author: Bill McDonnell

This book is a result of Nelson hosting the Hockey Day In Canada in January of 2007. During the collection of Nelson’s hockey memorabilia, McDonnellI realized the rich history and many stories which cover over 100 years. The outstanding displays hosted by the  Touchstones Museum and the Nelson & District Community Complex drew many viewers both young and old. Not wanting to lose the memories on exhibit, he began to research Nelson’s hockey history. 

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to KidSport Nelson.

St. Michael's College: A Hundred Years of Pucks and Prayers

St. Michael's College
A Hundred Years of Pucks and Prayers
Authors: Paul Patskou, Larry Colle, Kevin Shea

If Notre Dame is the most storied breeding ground for professional football, then St. Michaels College certainly holds the same distinction in hockey. From the grassroots beginnings of the hockey program in 1906 through to today, more than 180 students from St. Mikes have gone on to play in the National Hockey League.

This comprehensive history of hockey at St. Michaels College School, located in Toronto, Canada, will take readers through one hundred years of extraordinary memories: triumphs, tears, perspiration, and inspiration of one of the most exciting hockey programs in the world. Extensively researched, the book weaves into the narrative the personal recollections of some of the greatest players ever to pull on the Double Blue of St. Mikes: Tim Brent, Arnie Brown, Ed Chadwick, Gerry Cheevers, Paul Conlin, Father Les Costello, Murray Costello, Kevin Dineen, Dick Duff, Father Ray Hannigan, Tim Horton, Larry Keenan, Red Kelly, Ken Klee, David Keon, Ted Lindsay, Barry MacKenzie, Frank Mahovlich, Cesare Maniago, John McCormack, Jim McKenny, Gerry Odrowski, Mark Osbourne, Mark Popovic, Rod Seiling, Kevin Weekes, and Benny Woit. These are just some of those who have lovingly provided their stories about St. Michaels and the impact it had on their lives, both professionally and personally. It truly is a remarkable story and a remarkable achievement. Whether the name St. Mikes is familiar or not; whether the term double blue stirs up any memories or draws a blank, this school and program is responsible for producing many of the games greatest names and for influencing the sport of hockey.

This book will appeal to anyone that has ever dreamed of someday playing in the NHL or anyone that enjoys following the sport.

Title by Burton Russell

Various Titles on Nova Scotia Hockey
Author: Burton Russell

Nova Scotia Hockey Memories - A brief history of hockey in N.S (1974)
Nova Scotia Sports Personalities (1975)
Great Moments in Nova Scotia Sports (1978)
K.C.A: A Hockey Dynasty - A history of King's County Acedemy Hockey (1981)
Hurrah Acadia - The chronological story of athletics at Acadia University (1986)
A Century of Hockey Heroics - A retrospective of N.S. hockey (1999)

To order, please contact the author:

Dogs on Ice

Dogs On Ice
A History of Hockey at University of Saskatchewan
Author: Michael P.J. Kennedy with Bill Seymour

DOGS ON ICE: A HISTORY OF HOCKEY AT UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN captures in text, photographs, and statistical data 97 years of hockey at Saskatchewan's largest university. Dick Irvin, Dave King, Todd McLellan, and Mike Babcock all played with U. of S. Huskies. Their years of performance and those of hundreds of others who have played for men's and women's teams dating back to 1909-10 are chronicled in this 276 page volume.

To order, please contact:

Shannon Seymour @

Price $45.00 (incl. shipping)
Payable to: University of Saskatchewan

Garden City Heroes

Garden City Hockey Heroes
Author: John Hewitt

Garden City Hockey Heroes, traces the 34 -year history of St. Catharines Junior A
hockey from the St. Catharines Falcons (1943-47), the Teepees (1947-62),
and the Black Hawks (1962-76) to the St. Catharines Fincups 1976-77.

The book features more than 700 photos, artifacts and documents.
There is a photo and biography for each of the 124 former St. Catharines juniors who made
it to the NHL. Five of those players, Marcel Dionne, Phil Esposito, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and Pierre
Pilote, along with former Teepee coach Rudy Pilous have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

For six years John Hewitt was a hockey columnist for the St. Catharines Standard.
He has also written stories for the Niagara Falls Review and the SIHR. He is currently
working on a book on the history of Junior A/OHL hockey in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
He can be contacted at

Garden City Hockey Heroes can be ordered be going to

SPHL Guide

SPHL Inaugural Media Guide
Author: Jim Mancuso

SIHR member Jim Mancuso has compiled the Southern Professional Hockey League’s (SPHL) inaugural media guide for the loop’s 5th Anniversary season in 2008-09.

The 144-page guide is packed with statistics and facts about the SPHL and its member clubs and is fully illustrated. The SPHL is the only professional hockey league that has been solely based in the Southeastern part of the United States to reach its fifth birthday.

The circuit is operating with six teams for the upcoming campaign – the Columbus (Georgia) Cottonmouths, the Fayetteville (North Carolina) FireAntz, the Huntsville (Alabama) Havoc, the Knoxville (Tennessee) Ice Bears, the Richmond (Virginia) Renegades and the Twin City Cyclones (based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina). The media guide is available through the league office by contacting Commissioner Jim Combs at (704) 340-8059.

Canada On Ice

Canada On Ice
Author: Dave Holland

As the International Ice Hockey Federation celebrates it's 100th anniversary in 2008, Canada will host the senior men's world hockey championships for the first time since the inception of the tournament in 1920. To commemorate this milestone tournament, Canada On Ice - The World Hockey Championships, 1920-2008 details the rich history of Canada's participation at the annual event.

This book describes each team that traveled to the tournament and provides insight into the way Canada's participation was shaped by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association and Hockey Canada, as well the influences of the International Ice Hockey Federation, the National Hockey League and NHL Players Association, and the International Olympic Committee. This book contains over 60 black and white and full colour photos, some of which have not been seen in decades. High quality paper and production enhance the quality of these photos, making the book perfect for the coffee table.

The Renfrew Millionaires

The Renfrew Millionaires: The Valley Boys of Winter 1910
Author: Frank Cosentino

The Renfrew Millionaires transports the reader back to discover a rich hockey heritage , and also life as it was at the turn of the century in Canada.

To order, please contact Frank directly.

Frank Cosentino 
Box 316,
Eganville, On.
K0J 1T0


The British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame
Author: Martin C. Harris

Martin C. Harris, the winner of the 2007 Brian McFarlane award from SIHR for his previous book Homes of British Ice Hockey, has now produced The British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, a collection of of over 90 profiles, many never before seen in print, celebrating the achievements of outstanding players and builders of the sport in Britain.

This 190 page softback, with a photo of each honoured member, issued by Tempus Publishing/The History Press Ltd is now available from the publisher and

Hockey sure Glace en France

Histoire du Hockey sur Glace en France
Author: Marc Branchu

Sport d’équipe le plus rapide du monde, si spectaculaire, le hockey sur glace met ses atouts en avant sans pour autant convaincre ceux qui n’y ont jamais goûté.

Les initiés savent pourtant combien il peut être fascinant et sympathique. Quand ils sont pris par son rythme, ils trouvent que les autres sports paraissent se jouer au ralenti. Malgré tout, il est victime de certains préjugés et reste cantonné en France à un relatif anonymat, qu’il a peut-être malgré lui savamment entretenu. Le besoin du hockey français de mieux connaître son histoire a souvent paru à la fois une évidence et un challenge impossible. Une évidence, parce que ce sport a souffert de retomber sans cesse dans les mêmes pièges. Un challenge impossible, parce que cette histoire a été presque
systématiquement oubliée, y compris dans les plus anciennes places fortes du hockey français.

Fruit d'une longue et patiente collecte d’archives, ce livre permettra à tous, passionnés ou novices, de retracer une histoire méconnue. A l’heure où une nouvelle fédération tente
de sortir ce sport de l’oubli, le récit de ce passé survient comme un heureux trait d’union.

Note sur l'auteur

Marc Branchu, webmestre du site Internet Hockey Archives, travaille depuis plusieurs années sur les archives et l’actualité du hockey sur glace français et international. Cet
ouvrage constitue une nouvelle étape de ce patient travail de mémoire.


The Hartford Whalers
Author: Brian Codagnone

The Hartford Whalers began their existence in Boston as the New England Whalers of the World Hockey Association (WHA). The Whalers played in every season of the WHA’s seven-year existence and were the league’s first champions. Although their games were well attended in Boston, the upstart league was never serious competition for the powerhouse Bruins. In 1975, they moved to Hartford to play in the new Hartford Civic Center, and in 1979, along with Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Quebec, joined the National Hockey League. They moved to North Carolina following the 1997 season and won a Stanley Cup as the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006. The Hartford Whalers is a pictorial tribute to this beloved and much-missed Hartford institution.

About the Author
Brian Codagnone is the associate curator of the Sports Museum in Boston. He is the coauthor of The Boston Garden and The Bruins in Black and White, volumes one and two, and the author of the cartoon collection Hey America! It’s Misfits Time!.


20 Years of the ECHL
Author: James Mancuso

The ECHL announced that it is taking orders for “20 Years of the ECHL,” a comprehensive book by noted minor league hockey historian and author Jim Mancuso that is a “must read” for ECHL fans.

Fans will be able to purchase the book from ECHL teams and should contact their team for availability.

Mancuso takes readers on a tour that has seen the “East Coast Hockey League” transform from five teams in four states into the “ECHL” with 25 teams across North America.

The book has more than 200 photographs and interviews with league founders Henry Brabham and Bill Coffey as well as former commissioners Patrick J. Kelly and Richard W. Adams and current commissioner Brian McKenna. The interviews help provide insight into the important role that the ECHL played in minor professional hockey in North America, introducing it into four states and 25 cities while returning it to 21 other cities including the historic expansion that added seven West Coast teams for the 2003-04 season.

The author profiles 50 of the most outstanding figures in ECHL history as well as 50 outstanding ECHL alumni who skated in the NHL and 20 of the greatest ECHL head coaches that have moved up the professional ranks.

Mancuso has written eight books on minor professional hockey including “Hockey In Charlotte” with ECHL Commissioner Emeritus Patrick J. Kelly as well as countless articles on minor league hockey teams and league.

The soft-cover, 136-page book is also available from the ECHL office for $26 per copy ($20 plus $6 shipping) for orders within the United States and $31 per copy ($20 plus $11 shipping) for orders in Canada. All orders must be paid in U.S. Funds. (New Jersey residents must include 7 percent sales tax which is an additional $1.40 for each copy ordered). To order by mail with check or money order please sent to:

Jack Carnefix
116 Villlage Blvd.
Suite 304
Priceton, N.J. 08540
or call ECHL office at (609) 452-0770
Hockey Dictionary

The Complete Hockey Dictionary
Author: Andrew Podnieks

The most exhaustive dictionary of words and terms associated with hockey, the Complete Hockey Dictionary is as all-encompassing for the sport as the Oxford English Dictionary is for the English language. Words from the 1800s right up to the present are included, from "face the puck" to "bag practice," from "fence" to "benedict" and everything inbetween.

Hockey in Portland

Hockey in Portland
Author: James Mancuso and Scott Pettersen

Portland, Oregon, has an old and rich hockey tradition. The City of Roses was home to six professional hockey teams that took the ice in fi ve different leagues, including two major league clubs. It all started with the Rosebuds (1914–1918), who earned the distinction of being the fi rst United States–based team to compete for the Stanley Cup.

The tradition continued with a second version of the Rosebuds (1925–1926), the original Buckaroos (1928–1931), a second version of the Buckaroos (1933–1941), the Eagles/Penguins (1944–1951), and the Western Hockey League (WHL) Buckaroos (1960–1974). The WHL Buckaroos won three Patrick Cup titles and iced several minor league hockey legends, including Gordon Fashoway, Guyle Fielder, Don Head, Andy Hebenton, Norm Johnson, Art Jones, Connie Madigan, and Bill Saunders. Several Hockey Hall of Famers—Tommy Dunderdale, George Hay, Dick Irvin, and Moose Johnson—also spent time on Portland teams.

Star Power

Star Power: The Legend and Lore of Cyclone Taylor
Author: Eric Zweig

Star Power tells the life story of hockey pioneer Fred "Cyclone" Taylor, modern hockey's first superstar. Though known for his clean play in a rough and tumble era, Taylor was a tough negotiator who was often caught up in the politics and turmoil of hockey's early professional years. From his early days on frozen rivers in the tiny towns of Tara and Listowel to Canada's fanciest arenas from Montreal to Vancouver where 10,000 fans could watch him play, Taylor dazzled with speed and skill, winning a fan base that included children, working class men and British nobility.

Author and renowned hockey historian Eric Zweig strives to set the record straight on one of Canada's greatest athletes and a game in transition. Written for readers aged 9 to 14, but will appeal to all ages.

Published by Lorimer. Distributed by Formac

* 112 Pages
* November 2007
* $16.95 hard cover $9.95 paperback

Small Town Glory

Small Town Glory
The story of the Kenora Thistles' remarkable quest for the Stanley Cup
By John Danakas & Richard Brignall

How did the Kenora Thistles become, against all odds, the smallest team and the smallest town ever to win the Stanley Cup? This famously scrappy hockey team was founded in the rough and tumble town of Kenora, Ontario, at the end of the 19th century. A decade later, playing far away from home, in Montreal, the fiery teenagers whom the Montreal Star dubbed “the fastest that have ever been seen anywhere on ice” out-skated and out-played their older, more experienced opponents to win the coveted hockey championship trophy.
Just in time for the Kenora Thistles centennial celebrations in January, 2007, sports novelist John Danakas and journalist and SIHR member Richard Brignall team up to tell the true story of the ultimate underdogs in this a little-known chapter from Canadian sports history.

Published by Lorimer

   10 black and white photographs
   120 Pages

Scotch on Ice

Scotch on Ice: Scotland's Ice Hockey Heroes
Author:David Gordon

Throughout the sport's history, many of the finest ice hockey players produced in the British Isles have hailed from Scotland. Individuals like Billy Fullerton and 'Tuck' Syme, for example, were as outstanding in their chosen sport as any hero of football or rugby. Many of these players have had fascinating stories to tell. Take Jimmy Foster's starring role in Great Britain's gold medal win at 'Hitler's Games' in 1936, or father and son duo Martin and Colin Shields, whose involvement in ice hockey has spanned five decades.

The players featured in this book, all of whom are GB internationals and several are members of the British Hall of Fame, are some of the finest ever seen on Scottish ice. Recalling the ups and downs of their time in the game, author David Gordon has also gone further in telling the personal stories of the players, delving beyond the 'hockey player' tag to reveal something of the men themselves.

Illustrated with many rare images, this book provides a fascinating commentary on the evolution of ice hockey in Scotland and the UK, and a lasting tribute to some of the sport's most exceptional talents.

192 pages. The players featured are Jimmy Foster, Billy Fullerton, Tommy McInroy, Joe Collins, Tuck and Tiny Syme, Johnny Carlyle, Bill Sneddon, Lawson Neil, Bill Crawford, Billy and Alastair Brennan, Scott Neil, Martin and Colin Shields.

Available now from, £14.99. Paperback
Publisher: NPI Media Group (15 Sep 2006)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0752438018
ISBN-13: 978-0752438016
Product Dimensions: 24.4 x 16.8 x 1.8 cm

Raiders of the Lost Rink

Raiders of the Lost Rink: Ice Hockey in Ayr
Author:David Gordon

From being an exclusive pastime of the wealthy, British ice hockey became an extremely popular spectator sport through the 1930s and 1950s (an era dominated by Canadian professionals). The sport struggled to survive during the 1960s and '70s before regaining popular appeal over the past 20 years in an era of new arenas, European competition and the ill-fated Superleague. Nowhere is this more evident than in Ayr, which has seen dramatic developments at every stage of the sport's history.

Compiled by David Gordon, this absorbing and detailed account is rich in both anecdotes and statistics to chronicle the triumphs and tribulations of ice hockey in this Scottish west coast town over 75 years. Containing many rare photographs, it is an essential read for anyone with an interest in the game.

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: NPI Media Group (31 Mar 2004)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0752430734 ISBN-13: 978-0752430737
Product Dimensions: 24.4 x 17.2 x 1.6 cm
Available now from £10.99


Gold Medal Misfits
Author:Pat MacAdam

Pat Macadam is a renowned bestselling author and columnist for the Ottawa Sun with a natural gift for story-telling that has won the writer widespread critical acclaim.

The author is also a meticulous researcher who spent literally years digging into the story behind Gold Medal Misfits: How the unwanted 1948 Flyers scored Olympic glory and established Canada as a hockey powerhouse. Rare interviews with some of the original players and key people behind the scenes are skilfully woven into a breathtaking story of scorn, triumph and redemption.

This is sports writing at its finest. Macadam breathes life into his characters and keeps our heart rates soaring as he skilfully helps us relive hockey history and masterfully builds tension to the breaking point.  Soon to be a major international Bestseller.

Publisher: Manor House Publishing Inc. - ISBN 978-0-9781070-6-2

Clancy with the Puck

Clancy with the Puck
Author: Chris Mizzoni

Clancy with the Puck is a delightful Canadian twist on the classic American baseball story “Casey at the Bat,” with a bit of Roch Carrier’s The Hockey Sweater added for good measure.

The hapless but heroic Clancy has a chance to win the hearts of hometown fans and take home the Stanley Cup. But our hero blows it in the final period: instead of scoring the game-winning goal, Clancy misses and ends up driving the Zamboni!

This engaging children’s hockey story is a creative re-telling of the classic baseball poem “Casey at the Bat.” Clancy with the Puck is a hilarious and nostalgic tale of hockey hubris. The hardcover book includes a DVD with an animated short narrated by the legendary Bob Cole, whose Hockey Night in Canada play-by-play is heard by millions of hockey fans weekly. Clancy is enhanced by the fabulous full-colour artwork of animator Chris Mizzoni. Mizzoni has styled his work to reflect the original drawings on the O-Pee-Chee hockey cards, and the book’s classic retro look will appeal to hockey fans of all ages.

The animated short will be broadcast nationwide by Studio B Productions.

CHRIS MIZZONI (Vancouver) works at Studio B Productions, one of Canada’s most successful independent animation houses. His hockey memorabilia collection includes an actual seat from Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens and an autographed stick from the 1963 Maple Leafs.

The 10 digit ISBN is 1551928043 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781551928043.

Long Shot

Long Shot
How the Winnipeg Falcons won the first Olympic hockey gold
Author: Eric Zweig

The sons of Icelandic immigrants and friends since boyhood, the Winnipeg Falcons were a superbly talented team that brought home Canada's first Olympic gold medal in hockey in 1920. But before they became world champions, the Falcons endured years of prejudice on and off the ice.
Author and renowned hockey historian Eric Zweig brings to life the fascinating story of the little team that wouldn’t quit. Written for readers aged 9 to 14, but will appeal to all ages.

Published by Lorimer. Distributed by Formac

* 112 Pages
* June 2007
* $16.95 hard cover $9.95 paperback

Ice Hockey Annual

The Ice Hockey Annual 2006-07
Author: Stewart Roberts

UK member Stewart Roberts has been  compiling, editing and publishing the UK's hockey yearbook for over 30  years.  Believed to be the country's oldest established sports yearbook  edited by the same person, the Annual contains a comprehensive illustrated  season's record of all the major UK clubs and competitions with reports,  statistics and expert analysis. 

Highlights of this year's edition are  Britain's and Ireland's World Championship games; an obituary of Hugh  Morrison, a former CBC director of talks, whose play with Oxford  University contributed to the UK''s colourful hockey heritage; and a look  back at Britain's amazing 1936 Olympic, World and European Championship 'triple  crown'.   Published annually in October.

Available online from (
where Stewart also  writes a blog on the UK hockey scene..

Ice Time

Ice Time : The Story of Hockey
Author:Michael McKinley

Hockey is breathtakingly fast and fascinating. Ice Time traces the sport of hockey from its hotly contested origins to the present days' first-ever lockout of players by the one remaining league. It covers the sport's surge in popularity after 1875 when it moved to inside rinks; the rise and fall, and rise again, of women's hockey; the sagas of long-lost leagues such as the Pacific Coast Hockey Association; and more recently the World Hockey Association. Through its lavishly illustrated pages skate the players, the coaches, and the almost forgotten legends who are the reason why we love the game.

Although the book stands alone, it is based on the 10-part broadcast series Hockey: A People's History.

Perfect for kids aged 8 to 14. Hardcover, 80 pages.

Hockey a Peoples History

Hockey : A People's History
Author: Michael McKinley

Hockey: A People’s History tells the story of the game from its hotly contested origins to the present day, and of the men and women who have always been at the heart of Canada's beloved sport. Lavishly illustrated with more than 220 images, beautifully designed, impeccably researched, and wonderfully written, the hardcover book of 352 pages is the book on Canada's own game. Written by hockey maven Michael McKinley, Hockey: A People’s History provides a definitive account of both the men's and the women's game, of the pioneers, the players and the owners, the leagues that have come and gone, and the stars whose skill on ice dazzles us still.

The China Wall

The China Wall : The Timeless Legend of Johnny Bower
Author: Johnny Bower and Bob Duff with Foreword by Gordie Howe and Tribute by George Armstrong

Finally, the truth can be told. That Johnny Bower was actually telling the truth all along.
The Hockey Hall of Famer who tended goal for four Stanley Cup winners with the Toronto Maple Leafs even though he didn’t make it as an NHL regular for good until he was 33, tells the tale of his amazing life and career in his new book, “The China Wall: The Timeless Legend of Johnny Bower.”

Publisher: Immortal Investments Publishing, LLC.
Price: $37.00 Not Sold in Book Stores! (1-800-475-2066)

Game of My Life

Game of My Life: New York Rangers
Author: John Kreiser with John Halligan

The book is an oral history that features interviews with more than 20
Rangers, all the way from Frank Boucher and Clint Smith to the 1994
Stanley Cup team, to Gretzky & Jagr. Runs to 252 pages, retails for US

Sports Publishing Inc., ISBN 1582619565

Lord Stanley

Lord Stanley, The Man Behind the Cup
Author: Kevin Shea and J. Jason Wilson

Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston, as Canada’s sixth Governor General (1888-1893) contributed much to Canada during his five year term. Today, little may be known of his great loyalty to Canada and the aid he provided to Prime Minister John A. Macdonald in captaining Canada’s safe passage through treacherous political times with the United States. Better known however, is Stanley’s donation of a trophy for the amateur hockey championship of Canada in 1892, a trophy that became one of our country’s greatest symbols: the Stanley Cup.

Fenn Publishing: ISBN 1-55168-281-8 - $34.95 hc, 308 pp.
Publication date: October 2006

Hail Cesare

Hail Cesare
Author: Jason Farris

Follow the trail of hockey history through the experiences of NHL goalie, Cesare Maniago. As one of only five NHL goalies who played 150 games in the 1960s and 250 games in the 1970s, Maniago was an unsung hero who personifies all the greatness and change of pro hockey during his time.

Hail Cesare provides a unique visual scrapbook of Maniago’s career from his Allan Cup win in 1960, to stints with the Maple Leafs, Canadiens, and Rangers, before becoming a fixture with the Minnesota North Stars and Vancouver Canucks. The book’s rich imagery is unique  greatness and change of rapbook of Cesare' the 1970s,   accompanied by fascinating new statistical analysis, all brought to life by Cesare’s lively and vivid commentary. Learn about the man renowned as a superb ‘team’ player who was both a throwback and a pioneer, a workhorse and a stalwart.

For aspiring young goalies hoping to make it to the big leagues, Cesare Maniago’s experiences and stories − which span the modern goaltending era − provide valuable perspective and timeless guidance. For fans that grew up watching hockey in the 1960s and 1970s, Hail Cesare rekindles the genuine fondness many had for the guy who toiled between the pipes for the home town team.

All books are shipped from Vancouver, Canada.  If you have a question about an order previously made, please email or visit the web site.

Hockey Trivia

Hockey Trivia For Kids
Author: Eric Zweig

Canadians love hockey. People have come up with lots of reasonstried to explain why Canadians love it so much. There are some who say it’s because of our rugged pioneer roots. Others say it’s because Canada is a land of ice and snow. Maybe those theories are right. But I think the answer is much simpler than that: Canadians love hockey because hockey is fun! It’s fun to play and it’s fun to watch. Most of us will never be NHL players, or represent our country at the Olympics, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun playing hockey, and it doesn’t mean we can’t dream about doing it. Reading stories about people who’ve played a part in our national sport helps to fuel our imaginations. Whether it’s a story about a great player or about an invention that made the game better, reading about hockey is lots of fun too. (Published by Scholatic.)

Pink Garters

The Pink Garters
Author: Mauro Deusebio

A  fantastic journey through the history of Italian women's ice hockey  (bilingual Italian/English ).

Hockey In Providence

Hockey in Providence
Author: James Mancuso

Providence has an old and rich hockey tradition. The Providence Reds were one of the fi rst professional hockey teams in the United States. In their 51-year history (1926–1977), the Reds won seven playoff championships, including four Calder Cup titles. The Reds were the first minor-league hockey team to operate for 50 seasons. The Providence Bruins, established in the 1992–1993 season, carry on the city’s great hockey legacy and gave Providence its fifth Calder Cup title. Several Hockey Hall of Famers have played
for Providence-based teams, including Bobby Bauer, Hector “Toe” Blake, Johnny Bower, Frank Brimsek, Eddie Giacomin, Rod Langway, Milt Schmidt, and Lorne “Gump” Worsley.

Hockey in the Capital

Hockey in the Capital
Author: James Mancuso

Hockey in the Capital District chronicles professional hockey in the capital region of New York State: Albany, Schenectady, and Troy. A total of six professional teams have taken the
ice in four different leagues, beginning in the 1952–1953 season with the Troy Uncle Sam’s Trojans. The tradition continued with the Schenectady Chiefs (1981–1982),
the Troy Slapshots (1986–1987), the Albany Choppers (1990–1991), the Troy-based Capital District Islanders (1990–1993), and the Albany River Rats (1993–present).
The River Rats brought the area its fi rst championship by capturing the AHL’s Calder Cup. Through historic images, this volume presents the rich hockey heritage of the
Capital District.

Gifts of Hockey

The Gifts of Hockey
Author: Tommie Holmes

This book includes five hockey stories, each story involving one of the "Original Six" hockey sweaters.  The book, approximately 140 pages is text only and is for middle-school readers, age nine to fourteen.  The book is also about relationships - between fathers and sons and how hockey can bridge the gap between generations in the family.
The Gifts of Hockey is available as a "signed by author"  edition for $21.95 Cdn. taxes and shipping in Canada and the USA included.  If the book is a gift, as per your request, the author will include a few words in the front of the book.
For further information and details, contact, or contact the author at: Tommie Holmes, c/o Vanier College, P.O. Box 1205, 821 avenue Ste. Croix, St-Laurent, Qc. H4L 3X9.

Hail Mary

Hail Mary Heaven Sent
Author: Frank Cosentino

Meshing reality with fiction, Hail Mary Heaven Sent is a novel set in the Cold War era. It was a time when nuclear powers, the USSR and the West, were attempting to demonstrate the "superiority" of their system, culture and society. Along with the space race and scientific achievements, international sport - the Olympics, soccer in the U.K., basketball in the U.S.A., hockey in Canada- on the surface friendly, benign competitions, took on new importance in this "war without weapons" for the minds and souls of citizens in both camps. When a Soviet parallel "diabolical" plot is uncovered, the result is the "inevitability of communism" in a head-on collison with the "Message of Fatima." The result: the fall of the Soviet Union. Coincidence or Divine intervention?

The book is available online at

Aigles Bleus

La Voix des Aigles Bleus
Author: Euclide Gautreau

Moncton member Euclide Gautreau has put together a comprehensive history of the University of Moncton hockey team, Les Aigles Bleus (The Blue Eagles). Beginning with the team's roots at College Saint-Joseph in 1910, the French language book details the teams exploits up until 1999, with a particular emphasis on the period after which the team entered Maritime Intercollegiate sports competition in 1964.

The book, which retails for $29.99 CAD, can be ordered through the university at the following address:

L'Université de Moncton
Librairie acadienne
Tél: (506) 858-4140

Great Centermen of Hockey's Golden Age
Author: Paul White

Weaving up and down the ice, driven by the call of the net, hockey¹s most
talented centremen sought always to  get there first. Celebrate Sid Abel,
Frank Boucher, Alex Delvecchio, Henri Richard and others, who left their
mark on some of the most thrilling moments in hockey history.


Great Goaltenders of Hockey's Golden Age
Author: Jim Barber

In the golden age of hockey, goalies like Terry Sawchuk, Chuck Rayner,
Jacques Plante and Glenn Hall made the net a place of grace, agility, and
innovation. Some of these stars made their saves before the mask; others got
their shutouts without padded blockers or trappers.


Great Defencemen of Hockey's Golden Age
Author:Jim Barber

Staunch sentinels behind the blueline, the best defencemen of the golden age
were loved and hated, robust and unflinching.  King Clancy, Ching Johnson,
Allan Stanley, Eddie Shore, Doug Harvey, Tim Horton ‹ sometimes they could
be brawny bad guys, but they were always rocks the on ice.


The History of Cambridge Hockey
Author: Todd Jones

The History of Cambridge Hockey is a documentary about 100 years of hockey in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and the surrounding communities of Paris, Puslinch, Plattsville, St. George, Glen Morris, Sheffield, and Rockton. The players covered in this book were either born in the Cambridge area, played on one of the various Cambridge teams, or now reside in the Cambridge area. The hockey games were played in the Galt Arena Gardens (built in 1922) which is located on Shade Street and is now the oldest operating arena in the world.

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Lords of the Rinks
Author: John Chi-Kit Wong

No sport is as important to Canadians as hockey. Though there may be a great many things that divide the country, the love of hockey is perhaps its single greatest unifier. Before the latest labour unrest in the National Hockey League (NHL), however, it was easy to forget that hockey is also a multi-million dollar business run, not by the athletes or coaches, but by corporate boards and businessmen. The Lords of the Rinks documents the early years of hockey’s professionalization and commercialization and the emergence of a fledgling NHL, from 1875 to 1936.

As the popularity of hockey grew in Canada in the late nineteenth century, so too did its commercial aspects, and players, club directors, rink owners, fans, and media had developed deep emotional, economic, and ideological interests in the sport. Disagreement came in the ways and means of how organized hockey, especially at the elite level, should be managed. Hence, some coordination, by way of governing bodies, was required to maintain a semblance of order. These early administrative bodies tried to maintain a structure that would help to coordinate the various interests, set up standards of behaviour, and impose mechanisms to detect and punish violators of governance. In 1917, the NHL held its first games and by 1936 had become the dominant governing body in professional hockey.

Having performed extensive research in the NHL archives – including league meeting minutes, letters, memos, telegrams, as well as gate receipt reports – John Chi-Kit Wong traces the commercial roots of hockey and argues that, in its organized form, the sport was rarely if ever without some commercial aspects despite labels such as amateur and professional. The Lords of the Rinks is the only truly comprehensive and scholarly history of the league and the business of hockey.

John Chi-Kit Wong is an assistant professor in the Sport Management Program at Washington State University.


Great Left Wingers
Author: Chris Robinson

Some were known for their speed, others for their accuracy, others still
for their sneaky dekes, but these legendary left wingers were all admired
for the power behind the plays that took their teams to the top. Aurel
Joliat's dazzling puck dance, Harvey Jackson's finesse and grace, Bobby
Hull's speedy slapshot that struck fear into the hearts of goalies - these
are just a few of the inspiring wing men of hockey history.


Ottawa Senators: Great Stories from the NHL's First Dynasty
Author: Chris Robinson

The Ottawa Senators have had a long and storied history as one of the original--"and dominant--"Canadian franchises. Stocked with skilled and adventurous players, the early Senators were known for their aggressive play and never-say-die attitude. The fascinating story of the team continues into the present with the thrilling account of how a new franchise was secured, complete with hopes for Stanley Cups in the future.


Stole This From a Hockey Card
Author: Chris Robinson

Stole This from a Hockey Card is a thinking-fan’s hockey book that strikes just the right note for those disillusioned by today’s NHL.

Chris Robinson pushes the bounds of both hockey writing and creative non-fiction in this hard-boiled contemplation of where hockey fits into a man’s life—whether he be a casual beer-league player who first embraced the game to avoid a difficult home-life, or one of the most celebrated defencemen in the history of the game.

Partly a fragmented biography of legendary Montreal Canadiens defenceman Doug Harvey, Stole This from a Hockey Card probes for answers to how one of the game’s greatest defencemen could also lead one of the most tragic and mysterious personal lives. The book juxtaposes these investigations with the author’s own humble beginnings as a troubled youth who found escape in the cardboard identities put forth by hockey cards and by his own identity as a street-hockey hotshot. Another means of escape for both men became alcohol, a facet of hockey culture thoroughly explored by Robinson’s skeptical eye. Informing everything is Robinson’s scrappy-yet-meditative, harsh-yet-humorous thoughts on a game that so many Canadians love to hate, or hate to love.


Home of British Ice Hockey
Author: Martin C. Harris

UK member Martin C. Harris released his latest book, Homes of British Ice Hockey, in October of 2005. This book looks at every venue ever to host the sport in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Containing a wealth of information on each building, including team histories, statistical information, architectural details and many illustrations, this is a fascinating book for anyone with an interest in the sport.

The book can be ordered online from

UK Ice

The Ice Hockey Annual 2005-06
Author: Stewart Roberts

UK member Stewart Roberts has been compiling, editing and publishing the UK's hockey yearbook for 30 years.  Believed to be the country's oldest established sports annual edited by the same person, the Annual contains a comprehensive illustrated season's record of all major UK clubs and competitions with reports, statistics and expert analysis.  Highlights of this year's edition are  Britain's and Ireland's World Championship games, biographies of the latest inductees to the UK's Hall of Fame, a history of the UK sport and the ever popular Quotes of the Year.  

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The Fabulous Flyers
Author: Jim Vantour

The Fabulous Flyers, a book by SIHR member Jim Vantour, is the story of the 1954-55 WHL champion Edmonton Flyers, featuring hometown heroes Norm Ullman, Johnny Bucyk and Jerry Melnyk, as well as Bronco Horvath, Larry Zeidel and goaltending great Glenn Hall. Jim traces the Flyers’ roots in amateur hockey after WWII, including an Allan Cup win in 1948, through the early professional seasons to focus on the powerhouse 1954-55 team, one of hockey’s greatest minor league teams. Contact Jim at


Hockey in Broome County
Author: Marvin A. Cohen

Marvin A. Cohen is a new member and the author of six books.  An early one, “The Dodgers-Giants Rivalry  1900-1957,” resulted in his being a featured author at The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.
Marvin’s latest book is:  “Hockey in Broome County.”  He moved to Broome County, New York in 1994 and enjoys watching the Binghamton Senators, Ottawa’s top farm club.  During the lockout, great stars like Jason Spezza skated here and brought Binghamton a first-place finish.  Unfortunately, they did not win the Calder Cup as expected.  Still, hockey in Broome County is great fun.


Barilko without a trace
Author: Kevin Shea

The deep blue lakes of the Canadian Shield, the storied Habs-Leafs rivalry, the overtime winner in the Stanley Cup final, bush planes, fishing trips, and a retired number hanging in the rafters of Maple Leaf Gardens: Bill Barilko's short life was laden with Canadian lore, and in Barilko: Without a Trace, Kevin Shea recounts it wonderfully. Barilko's parents escaped oppression in Eastern Europe to raise a family in the Porcupine among the hard-working, hard rock gold miners of Northern Ontario. Hand-me-down skates led Barilko to a brief career in the minors and then, once manager Conn Smythe's scouts saw his hard-hitting style, to the defence of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Smythe was able to overlook Barilko's youth because of his toughness and his aggressive style of play: 'We want a hard aggressive team with no Lady Byngers. I'm not interested in players who don't play to win.' Win they did and by 1951 Barilko had his name on four Stanley Cups. The last one was the sweetest for Bashin' Bill, as he scored on a backhander early in overtime to win the series against the powerful Montreal Canadiens. For fans of the Leafs all was right in the world, but then in late August, just as the team was preparing to open camp, Bill Barilko disappeared on his way home to Timmins from a fishing trip. His plane, piloted by a dentist with that most Canadian of names, Henry Hudson, simply disappeared and the mystery soon grabbed the entire nation. Shea tells his dramatic story well, balancing biography with the history of the sport and breathing life into characters famous as players and coaches, but less known as people. Barilko is the story of a Canadian legend in the real sense of the word

Hockey in Charlotte

Hockey In Charlotte
Author:Jim Mancuso with Pat Kelly

Hockey In Charlotte by Jim Mancuso with Pat Kelly is published by
Arcadia Publishing and can be pre-ordered on and Barnes and
Nobles website ( for 19.99 (US). It will be released the week of
January 31, 2006.

The book is about the history of hockey in Charlotte
beginning with the EHL Baltimore Clippers playing some of its home games in
Charlotte after the team's arena in Baltimore burned down in the latter half
of the 1955-56 season and ends with the 2004-2005 ECHL Charlotte Checkers
season. The book describes the birth of professional hockey in the South and
the evolution of professional hockey in the South. It discusses defunct pro
minor league histories such as the Tropical Hockey League based in Miami in
1938-39, the Southern Hockey League from 1973-1977, the Sunshine Hockey
League from 1992-1995, and other rare leagues. The work contains over 200
photographs and images of Charlotte and out-of-town players. It also
contains rare photographs from Pat Kelly's private collection. There is an
entire chapter devoted to the incredible minor pro hockey career of Pat
Kelly. The book is 128 pages and is a quality paperback with glossy pages.

Most of the photos contained in the book were provided by Ernie Fitzsimmons.

Clinton Comets

The Clinton Comets
Author:Jim Mancuso and Fred Zalatan

The Clinton Comets: From The Chenango Canal To National Champions
by Jim Mancuso and Fred Zalatan published by Mancuso Publishing.

The book details the beginnings of the Clinton Hockey Club from a small town team in 1928 to a three-time National AHAUS championship team in the early 1950s. The book describes the evolution of amateur ice hockey in the United States through the
perspective of Clinton, New York.

The book details the AAU and AHAUS tournament histories as well as
a year-by-year accounts of the Clinton Comets' seasons. The three-year
history of  the little known New York-Ontario Hockey League (NYOHL) is
described in the book as well as statistics about the league. There are many
passages about little known amateur hockey teams in New York and Ontario and
about many amateur hockey players. The book is a 178-quality hard cover book
with heavy glossy pages.

The book is a prequel to the work The Clinton
Comets: An EHL Dynasty written by Jim Mancuso and Fred Zalatan that was
released in 2004 about Clinton's minor pro years.

It can be ordered through Barnes and Nobles website or by sending a check or money
order for $30 Canadian or $25 US made out to Mancuso Publishing  and send
the check to 1108 Jefferson Avenue, Utica, N.Y. 13501


Play-by-Play: Around the NHL with Jim Robson
Author: Jason Farris

Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Robson was there for thirty years, delivering NHL play-by-play over the airwaves. Now here's your chance to transport yourself back to Jim's most memorable night in each NHL city.

Armed with a pair of game tickets, a game program and Jim's handwritten game notes, this book lets hockey fans re-live over fifty games from the 1970s to today. For each game, you get to feel the hockey pulse of the home side's city, learn about the uniqueness of its rink, find out what went on behind the scenes in the broadcast booth, and re-live play-by-play calls by one of the best hockey announcers in NHL history.

Canuck fans will remember Jim’s familiar mid-game hello to “hospital patients and shut-ins” who couldn’t get to the rink. This book welcomes fans who couldn't get out to the road games around the NHL, but love the league and want to experience Game Day in each NHL city.

Online:, Phone: (604) 803-4561


HOCKEY IN ROCHESTER:  The Americans’ Tradition
By Blaise M. Lamphier

Rochester, New York, emerged courageously with its first professional hockey team in the fall of 1935: the IHL’s Rochester Cardinals, an affiliate of the New York Americans.  However, the venture was short-lived due to the financial strain of the Great Depression coupled with the merger of the IHL and Can-Am Leagues to form what we now know as the AHL.  Rochester’s hockey enthusiasts would have to wait another two long decades before witnessing the return of professional hockey to the city on the Genesee River.  Finally, in 1956, thanks to local visionaries like Sam Toth and Ed House, Rochester became home to a brand-new franchise that would occupy the new Community War Memorial and would be known thereafter as the Rochester “Americans”—like their star-spangled NHL namesakes.   Unlike their ill-fated NHL counterpart, however, Rochester’s “Amerks” would begin a legacy of greatness from its inception as a joint affiliate of the legendary Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs.

After an unpromising start, the Americans amazed the naysayers and sprinted through their first season’s homestretch to reach the finals.  Since then, they have thrilled Rochesterians by capturing six Calder Cups and reaching the finals 16 times in 49 seasons.  Rochester’s honor roll of players and coaches features some of the sport’s most legendary names at both the AHL and NHL levels who have left an indelible mark of greatness and defined the character of this club—from Bronco Horvath’s raw scoring confidence to Dick Gamble’s quiet offensive leadership, from Al Arbour’s steady durability to Don Cherry’s fiery tenacity, from Gerry Cheevers’ goaltending grit to Jody Gage’s goal-scoring domination.   This volume serves as a salute to those who have shaped and molded Rochester’s hockey history for more than 3,700 games.    

Blaise M. Lamphier lives in Rochester, N.Y., and this is his first book.


Before The Stars : Early Major League Hockey
Author: Roger Godin

In the early twentieth century, before the National Hockey League had established a presence in the United States, a team from St. Paul played at the highest levels of hockey in the country. Sports historian Roger A. Godin resurrects the story of the St Paul Athletic Club team -- the AC's -- and argues they were instrumental in turning Minnesota into one of the nation's first hockey hotbeds and gave birth to what is now known as the 'State of Hockey'. Godin also paints a fascinating history of the evolution of the sport from its amateur days to the arrival of the professional version we see today. Godin traces the development of the AC's from their origins to their capture of the MacNaughton Cup in 1916 as winners of the American Amateur Hockey Association title and to their later battles in 1922 and 1923 at the national finals of the US Amateur Hockey Association. Godin profiles players such as Tony Conroy, Ed Fitzgerald, Cy Weidenborner, Emmy Garrett, and Frank 'Moose' Goheen, who led the AC's to national prominence and was the second American player elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto after the legendary Hobey Baker. Godin argues that Goheen was the greatest player that Minnesota ever produced and one of the best players of his era. Readers are taken back to a time when players fielded seven-man teams using rovers, angry skaters swung at opposing coaches and referees, goal umpires raised white flags to signal goals, and fans watched games in massive hippodromes and celebrated their teams in torchlight parades. "Before the Stars" is a captivating history of the sport's early years and a must read for any hockey fan.


Squaw Valley Gold
Author: Seamus O'Coughlin

For readers who are interested in the lesser-known watershed moments of
sports history (just about any sports nut, that is), this is a fascinating history
on the growth of winter sports in the U.S. and the lives of the men who made
this happen all culminating in the first U.S. hockey gold medal at the 1960
Olympic Winter Games at Squaw Valley, California.

On one level, this is a portrait of a simpler time; a time before television
had completely commercialized the sport.   The players themselves discount the
televising of the games, figuring no one cares.   As well, the earlier
episodes of the lives of the characters in this book capture a way of life that
seems downright foreign in some respects, it is so different from what most people
experience today.

While the greater purpose of the book is clear, I found myself a bit thrown
by the way the book begins with its history of the Squaw Valley region and the
life of the ski hill?s founder, Alex Cushing, then the switch to television
executive Robert Ridder and his role in Olympic and World hockey.   

The material itself is captivating and the author handles it well, but it
took me a number of chapters before I could determine the author?s purpose and
how he was going to bring all of this material together in a cohesive way.   
However, once the various players and subjects come together, they do so in an
interesting enough manner to end complaint.   

The author knows his subject and this account is rich with the voices of the
important players themselves and the author always makes it interesting even
when the reader isn?t quite clear where it is all going.

The writing is quite clear and economical and the author?s style is more than
up to the challenge of neither overwhelming the readers with information or
leaving too many questions unanswered.   He does an excellent job giving the
reader only so much in formation as he or she needs on a line by line, paragraph
by paragraph level.

He also has taken care with the people and the period and the details of life
long ago, so that this is more than a sports book.   It is also a story of
success and a historical document.   Its quick a rich book because of that care.

This is a book that must find its way to the hands of a narrow audience.   
But while that audience is very narrow?sports trivia fans?it is also quite
fanatical.   That audience, however, will find this a very engaging, fascinating
account.   The author knows hockey and writes about it with great verve and

But this is also a portrait of a moment of Olympic glory and that, too, is
compelling.   As are the individual portraits of the main characters in this
story.   In all, this is immensely readable popular history with lots of
pleasures buried in the text.   

Also worth noting:   The author?s research is impeccable and his use of
quotation really livens up the text in an unobtrusive way.   Whether these
quotations are drawn from personal interviews or from text sources matters little;   
the quotes read as though the people themselves are telling the story, chiming
in occasionally to get some detail correct.   And the lengthy bibliography at
the end of the book only testifies to the thoroughness of the author?s
background work.