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Ice Hockey truly is a global sport, with enthusiasts in the most unlikely places who manage to play the game despite many hardships and obstacles. In this Global Hockey feature, SIHR members Pat Houda and Birger Nordmark have decided to share the hockey notes they have compiled. Simply click on the letters and flags below for a page listing the hockey activities in the country selected.
Note: This project is incomplete, and only letters A through E are completed.

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  Afghanistan     Updated: January 26, 2008 
  Population 31,889,923 Indoor 0 Total -- Male --
  Capital Kabul Outdoor 0 Male -- Female --
  IIHF Since Not a member     Junior --    
            Female --    


No hockey played there.

Kabul used to have an ice rink that was closed by the Taliban regime, and the building was later destroyed in the ensuing conflict.  In 2003 former NHL’ers Tiger Williams and Kirk McLean visited the troops, along with Cassie Campbell from the Canadian Womens Team to watch the members of the Royal Canadian Regiment's Para Company hold a charity ball hockey tournament in memory of Sgt. Robert Short and Cpl. Robbie Beerenfenger. Two peacekeepers who were killed on Oct. 2, 2003 when their jeep struck an anti-tank mine near Camp Julien. The Senior officers’ team beat the juniors 3-2. 

In 2006, some of the Canadian soldiers formed a 13 team league to play hockey (without ice). One team was dropped for uneccessary roughness. The two American teams were at the bottom of the table. US Army Lt. Randy Russell inquired about the possibility of getting some goalie gear donated for ball hockey games in Kandahar. Soon after, the Canadians built a ball hockey (deckhockey) rink in Kandahar and challenged The American soldiers from the Alaska National Guard to play a series of games.

Rink build in Afghanistan
Rink built for ball hockey games in Kandahar 2007. Soldiers playing without skates in Kabul 2003 (Inset)
Afghan Stamp

Ice hockey stamp for the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo

Afghan Stamp

Ice hockey stamp for the 1988 Olympics in Calgary